Yoritomo Xao 頼朝蕭
Yoritomo Xao
Biographical Information
Born 1141 IC
Home Kyuden Gotei
Titles -
Family Information
Parents -
Siblings Older sister
older half-sister
Extended -
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height -
Weight -
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Clan Mantis
School Moshi Shugenja /
Isawa Shugenja

"Some men are born with eyes that see the world in a different shade than the common view."

Yoritomo Xao is a mantis clan shugenja born in the Ivory Kingdoms, but trained at the Moshi Shugenja School. He can speak Ivindi, the language of the Ivory Kingdoms.


Early life in the Ivory Kingdoms

Xao was born in a lower caste ji-samurai family.

Moshi Shugenja School

Samurai no Taikai

Training with Isawa Nakamura

Awakening Kumiko


NPC Connections

  • Major Enemy


  • Coward!: Ancestor deserted his post as a battle approached. Lose 5 glory points, 5 status points, and gain Driven (Prove Yourself).
  • Imperial Magistrate: Ancestor revealed another family's dishonor. Gain an enemy, 1 rank of honor and 1 rank in investigation.
  • Venerable Blood: The Blood your ancestor flows strong in your veins. Gain 1 honor rank and 1 Void.


Frozen clouds halt life.
Enshrouded honor seeks out
the truth of Sun's light.

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