Yasuki Noboru
Yasuki Noboru
Biographical Information
Born (age 19)
Home Migiwa Estates
Titles Karo
Family Information
Parents Yasuki (mother)
Kaiu (father)
Betrothed -
Children -
Siblings a lot
Extended Yasuki Chinkosei (uncle)
Yasuki Chomi (aunt)
Kaiu Mitsunari (grandfather)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height -
Weight -
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Clan Crab Clan
School Yasuki Merchant

Yasuki Noboru is the karo of his uncle, Yasuki Chinkosei. He moved to East Hub Village in 441.

Family went hard crab when they joined the clan. No crane family after.



Went to the wall for his gempukku.

Save Daimyo

taxation at the region border drab/crane

Save Kuni Ronin

at fortune's shrine - storm

Family and ancestry

  • Yasuki Natsuo (359 - 388) - Famlily was murdered by his wife's Daidoji relatives during the Yasuki break. The only survivor was his son, Yasuki Chīkō. Natsuo's brother, Yasuki Joji, sold the information to the Daidoji in exchange for permission to stay loyal to the Crane Clan.



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