Yasuki Chinkōsei
Yasuki Chinkōsei
Biographical Information
Born -
Home Migiwa Estates
Titles -
Family Information
Parents -
Spouse Yasuki Chōmi
Children Yasuki Hachiro
Yasuki Iboko
Yasuki Kizuko
Yasuki Taino
Siblings -
Extended Yasuki Noboru (nephew)
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height -
Weight -
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Clan Crab Clan
School Yasuki Merchant

"I knew you father."
"Oh? He didn't mention you."
"No. He wouldn't have."
- Yasuki Chinkōsei meeting Kitsune Dakki.

Yasuki Chinkōsei is a high ranking Yasuki merchant and the harbourmaster (minato-chō) of East Hub Village.

He is old friends with Seppun Nakashima.

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