Biographical Information
Born (age 17)
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Family Information
Parents -
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Physical Description
Gender Female
Height -
Weight -
Hair Color -
Eye Color Brown
Loyalty Brotherhood of Shinsei
School Shrine of the Seven Thunders

"Express yourself completely,
then keep quiet.
Be like the forces of nature:
when it blows, there is only wind;
when it rains, there is only rain;
when the clouds pass, the sun shines through."

Wenhua is a young sister of the Shrine of the Seven Thunders. She has an affinity with the element of Air. She is often curt and shameless with her speech. She is proper and expects others to hold to her standards of behavior. Otherwise, she is kind and charitable with a fondness for children.

When around those outside the temple, she often introduces herself as Fumika, finding it easier for others to pronounce.

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Wenhua, Disciple of Air
Shrine of the Seven Thunders Monk 1
Honor 4.5 Status 0.0 Glory 1.0
Air 3
Earth 2
Stamina 3
Fire 2
Water 2
Void 3
Adv: Bland (2), Friend of the Elements (Air) (4), Irreproachable (2)
Disad: Antisocial (4), Low Pain Threshold (4), Soft-Hearted (2)
Skills: Athletics 2, Defense 1, Juijutsu 3, Kyujutsu 1, Lore: Elements 1, Lore: Theology (Shintao) 2, Meditation 2, Perform: Flute 1, Staves 3
Kiho Riding the Clouds (Mystical), Strike Through the Wind (Mystical)^, Soul of the Four Winds (Internal)
Roll to Attack: Sansetsukon 5k2, Juijutsu 5k2
Roll for Damage: Sansetsukon 3k2, Juijutsu 3k1
TN to be Hit: 20

Note: Insight rank is considered one higher for meeting mastery level of Air Kiho.
Note: Opponents' armor bonus no longer doubles against staff attacks.
^ Book of Air

+4 Antisocial
+2 Soft-Hearted
+4 Low Pain Threshold
-24 (air)
-5 (staves)
-5 (juijutsu)
-2 (meditation
-2 (theology)
-2 (athletics)
-4 Friend of the Elements (Air)
-2 Irreproachable
-2 Bland
-1 Perform (Flute)
-1 Defense

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