Acu' = n : Eye.
Agucat = n : Money.
Aji = n : Hot Pepper.
Akani = n : Enemy.
Amaraca = n : Sacred Ceremonial Wooden Rattle, made of black Capa wood.
Ama' = n : River or Body of water.
Ana = n : Flower.
Anacaona = n : Golden Flower.
Anana = n : Pineapple.(See the word Yayama).
Anani = n : Water Flower.
Anaiboa = n : starchy white juice taken from the sweet Yuca, used for making a sweet drink. (See the word Naiboa).
Anki = n : Evil Person.
Ao'n = n : Dog or Little Dog.
Apito = n : Infinite, with out begining or End.
Ara' = n : People.
Ara = n : A small Red bird also called the Guacamayo.
Aracoel = n : GrandMother.
Ara'guaca = n : Dance.
Ara'guacu' = n : The Sacred People. a name from where the word Arawak originated.
Areito = n : A Traditional Dances with spoken historic songs.
Arepa = n : Corn Cake.
Ari' = n : Invader.
Arijua = n : Foreigner.
Arike = n : Line or cord used to carry bulk fish, made from a strip Yagua of the Royal Palm Tree.
Arocoel = N : Grandfather.
Atabey = n : Mother Earth.

Baba = n : Father.
Bagua = n : Sea.
Baira = n : Bow.
Bajacu' = n : dawn, the morning light.
Bajari = n : A title of distinction and high respect.
Bana = n : Greatness or Grand Place.
Bara = n : Kill or Death.
Baracutey = n : Solitary, an Animal or person that travels alone.
Barbacoa = n : A Stand, a four legged stand, made of sticks, used in the cooking process of roasting meat. It has many uses, as a Village Look out Tower or used in the planting Fields as a stand to chase away the animals.
Barbecue = n : A meat roasting process. A poorly written translation between Spanish and English of the Taino word Barbicu'.
Barbicu' = n : A meat roasting process, using a fire pit and a barbacoa stand and placing upon it the roasted meat. (See the word Barbecue).
Batata = n : Potato.
Batey = n : Sacred Ceremonial Ball Court or Plaza. This is also use as the name of the sacred Batey Ball Game.
Batu = n : Ball.
Bi = n : Life, Beginning or first.
Bibi = n : Mother.
Bieke = n : Small land.
Bija = n : Red body Paint made of achote.
Bijao = n : Thatch, made from the leaves of the Yarey Palm tree, used in construction of the BOhios or Roundhouses.
Bijirita = n : The Cooing Dove.
Bimini = n : Life of the Spring waters. Also the name for the State of Florida USA.
Bo = n : Great, Greatness or Big.
Boba = n : Serpent.
Bociba = n : Great Stone also Cibabo.
Bohiti = n : Shamen, a Taino Spiritual Leader, one who known the wisdom of both of the Plant and Spirit worlds.
Boniata = n : Sweet Yuca
Boria = n : Work.
Borike'n = n : Great Land of the Valiant & Noble Lord.
Boya = n : Evil Spirit.
Bure'n = n : A Flat Round Plate made of clay, used to cook the Casabe bread.
Buticaco = n : Shifty Eyes. This is an insult between our Taino people.

BO = agj : Round, as is am Island or BOhio.
BO' = n : Great Lord.
BO'jike = n : Meaning "Great Lord of the Forest and Earth". Also see the word Bohiti.
BOhio = n : (Bo-e-o) Roundhouse.
BOricu'a = n : (Bo-re-ku-a) Meaning "The Valiant People of the Sacred House".

Cabuya = n : A thin Cord, a fishing line used for fishing, made from fibers of the Majagua or Maguey plant.(See the word Jico).
Cacike = n : Chief.
Cacibajagua = n : The Black Cave.
Cacona = n : Reward.
Caguama = n : Big Sea Turtle, but much larger then the Carey sea turtle.
Caguana = n : The fertility Mother, also known as The Woman of Caguana.
Caicu = n : Reef or Little Island Land Bridge.
Calichi = n : Fountain of the high mountain.
Cajaya = n : Female Shark.
Ca'n = n : Center. See the word Huraca'n.
Canari = n : Bole, made of clay.
Caniba = n : Carib Indian.
Caney = n : Lomghouse, house of the head Tribal Chief or Elder of the Village.
Canoa = n : Small Boat, Embarcation.
Canocum = n : The number 3 Three.
Caona = n : Yellow Gold.
Caracuri = n : Nose Ring, jewelry. Many times these were made of Gold.
Carey = n : The Green Sea Turtle.
Cari' = n : Island of the Valeant, Name for the Island of Trinidad.
Carib = n : Strong man.
Caribe = n : Brave people.
Casabi = n : Bread, made from the Yuca.
Catey = n : Disturb, bother.
Cay = n : Island.
Cayajabo = n : A Red Matt color, a red color without shine.
Cayaya = n : A Shrub.
Cayo = n : A Pass between Islands, Cay Island, a Pass or a Key.
Cayuco = n : boat, made of one peice of wood, flat, without a keel.
Cemi = n : Meaning "Forehead of the Lord", its is also a Totem.
Chicha = n : Beer, a Fermented drink corn.
Ciba = n : Stone.
Cibao = n : Stone Mountain.
Cibuca'n = n : Extractor or Squeezer, a long cylindrical device made of fibers, used to squeeze out the poisonous juices from the Yuca brava, in the process of preparing the Casabi bread. In the main Arawak language it is known as Matapi.
Cike'o = n : Land of the Stone Mountain.
Cimu' = n : A persons forhead.
Coa = n : An instrumentor or Stick used in Farming, made of wood.
Cobo = n : Marine Sea Shell.
Cocuyo = n : Small Lighting Bug, the one with a blueish colored light, they come out at night. See the word Cucubano.
Cohoba = n : Sacred Ceremonial Snuff, made from the seeds of the Cojobana Tree. Also the name for the Sacred Taino Religeous Cohoba Ceremony.
Cojiba = n : Rolled Tabacco, also Cohiba a mix used within the Cohoba Ceremony.
Cojibi = n : Cigarette. a modern term used by the Taino people, a small cigar.
Coki' = n : Tree Frog, Meaning "Tree Spirit of the Earth" the Little Green Tree Frog.
Colibri = n : Hummingbird.
Conu'co = n : Farm Lands, or Gardens for Planting.
Cori = n : Guinea Pig.
Cu' = n : Sacred, Sacred Place. (See the word Ku').
Cucubano = n : Large Lighting Bug, with four wings and two lights, they come out at night. See the word Cocuyo.
Cuey = n : Sacred Object.
Cuyo = n : Light.

Cha'gara = n : Small black River Crayfish.
Choreto = n : Abundance.
Chemi'n = n : Totem, its another way of saying the word Cemi.

Da = pn : I or My.
Daca = pn : I Am.
Daca-ababa = pn : I am a Father.
Dajao = n : River fish.
Datiao = n : My Friend or I am a Friend.
Datijao = n : My Lord, its an Espresion of Esteem.
Digo = n : Soap, used to wash the body, made from a plant.
Dita = n : Eating Bowl, made of the Higuera gourd.
Dujo = n : Chair, a Ceremonial Chieftain Chair.

Ector = n : Soft corn or sweet corn.
Eieri' = n : Men, This is a word in the Taino womens language.
Eracra = n : House, Its another way of saying house, BOhio in the Taino womens language.

Fotuto = n : Sea shell trumpet, Fotuto is a Taino Mestizo word for the Guamo. The F sound, is not a common sound within the Arawak family of languages.

Goeiz = n : The Spirit, of a living person.
Gua = art. : The o Her, Use with High Ranking people, example The King or Her Majesty.
Guaba = n : Spider.
Guabasa = n : The Fruit that is eaten & sustains the dead in the afterlife.
Guaca = Part: Region or Nearness.
Gua'cara = n : Cave or The Region of the Birthplace.
Guada = n : Garden.
Guagua = n : Bus or Car, a modern Taino term for a transit.
Guaiba' = v : Go or leave.
Guaili = n : Boy or Small Infant Child.
Guaitiao = n : Friend or Friends.
Guajey = n : Gord Scraper. A musical Instrument also known as a Guiro.
Guake'te = n : Gathering or Joining of the people of the Earth, in Festival.
Gua'kia = pron. : We, or Our.
Guali = n : Son, Sons or Children.
Guama = n : Principal And Superior, a kind of Head Man of a Tribe.
Guama' = n : Large Shade Tree, a Fruit Tree.
Guami' = n : Lord or Sir.
Guami'ke'ni = n : The Lord of Land & Water. A name that the Tainos gave Christopher Columbus.
Guami'ke'na = n : The great Lord, Name given to the Superior Chiefs. Guami'ke'na, was also a name given to identify the Spaniards.
Guamo = n : Trumpet, made from the large Sea Shell.
Guanajo = n : The Turkey.
Guani = n : The Bee Hummingbird.
Guani' = n : Noble Man.
Guani'n = n : A Chiefs Golden chest metallion, made of three (3) metals 18 of Gold 6 of Silver and 8 of Copper. This is the symbol of the authority of the village Chief.
Guanime = n : Corn Bread, made of corn meal, in the form of a little round ball.
Guara = n : The Place.
Guaraguao = n : Red Tailed Hawk.
Guare = n : Twins.
Guarico = v : Come or come here.
Guaroco = n : Rememberance or To Know.
Guata = n : Lie or Liar.
Guatiao = n : The Taino Naming Ceremony, exchanging of names and also an adopted person.
Guatu' = n : Fire.
Guay = Interj : An Expression of emotion or Pain, when you say Ouch! it hurts, or Admeration or to Yell "Yucayeke' Guay!" or attention village peoples.
Guayo = n : Grater, a board used to grate the yuca en preparation of the Casabe bread.
Guazabara = n : War or Warrior.
Guey = n : Sun.

Haiti = n : real name of the island of Santo Domingo/Haiti.
Hamaca = n : Hanging Bed, made of Cotton and hung with ropes at its ends.
Han = n : Yes.
Ham Han = adv : Yes this way.
Hekiti = n : One.
Hupia = n : Ghost, The Spirit of a dead person. (See the word Opia).
Hura = n : Wind.
Huraca'n = n : Center of the Wind. Hura, Wind and Ca'n, Center.
Hutia = n : Rabbit, Caribbean Rabbit.

I' = n : Spirit, as in the word "OperI'to", spirit of a dead person or Hupia ghost spirit of the night.
Iguaca = n : Green Parrot.
Iguana = n : Large Green Lizard.
Inagua = n : Long Loincloth made of white cotton, used by the married women.
I'naru' = n : Woman or Spirit of Woman.
Inriri = n : Wood Pecker.
I'ro = n : Man or Spirit of Man.
Ita = n : Red.
Ita' = interj : Don't know.

Ja' = Interj. : Sound used in emotion or Admiration, as in Wow!.
Jaba = n : Basket, used to carry things, made from bijaos or the leaves of the Yarey Palm tree.
Ja'bao = n : Three stringed musical Gourd Instrument, made from the higuera and the three strings from the Yamuey, cat intestine or guts. The numbers 3 and 4 are sacred numbers within Indigenous Taino religious circles.
Jagua = n : Black Dye, used to dye the cotton fabric and for body paint.
Jagua = n : A Fruit Tree, the juice is white, but with aging it turns a black color, from this black Jagua juice a dye is obtained for body paint and for dying the white cotton materials.
Jaiba = n : River Crab o Freshwater Crayfish.
Ja'tibonicu' = n : The Great High Place of the Sacred Waters. The ancient Village of Chief Orocobix in the central mountains of Puerto Rico.
Jauja'u = n : The white yuca bread but much thiner.
Jeiticacu' = n : Black Eyes, Its also is ment as an insult between our Taino people.
Jeje'n = n : Mosquito.
Jiba = n : Forest, or Bush country.
Jibaro = n : Man of the Forest.
Jibe = n : Sieve, used to sieve the yuca flower.
Jibiria = n : Watermelon.
Jico = n : A cord or rope, to hang the hamocks. (See the word Cabuya).
Jicotea = n : Land Turtle.
Jimagua = n : Twins, two persons that look very much alike.
Jujo = n : Snake.

Kachi = n : Sun, anther way of saying Guey or Sun in the Taino language.
Kai = n : Nourishment.
Karaya = n : Moon.
Ke' = n : Earth or Land.
ki' = n : Earth Spirit.
Ku' = n : Sacred Temple or Place of Worship. (See the word Cu').

Li = pn : Him, They or Them.
Liani = n : Wife.
Liren = n : fruit that grows on a plant.
Luki'yo = n : Spirit of the White Earth Mountain, A Sacred Mountain and Forest in Puerto Rico. Its a corruption of the Taino word Yuke'yo.

Ma = adj. : Big.
Mabi' = n : A Refreshing Fermented drink, made from the peel of the fruit of the Mabi' tree.
Maboya = n : Big Evil or The Great Evil Spirit.
Mabuya = n : Ghost.
Macana = n : Club, a War club.
Maca = n : Tree.
Macu' = n : Big Eyes.
Macuto = n : Deep Baseket, made of vines.
Magu'ey = n : Big Sun, a Drum. (See the word Mayohuacan).
Mahite = n : Toothless or If missing any teeth.
Maja = n : Big Snake.
Manaya = n : Hatchet, of Stone.
Manati' = n : Sacred Sea Cow, is "Big Woman of the Great Spirit of the Waters. Also called Manatee.
Manicato = n : A Bold person, valiant of a good heart.
Mao = n : Cotton Bib, made from cotton to protect thorax. The Mao's were only used by the Chiefs and Underchiefs. The Mao was worn on the shoulders of the Chiefs when they went on long sea travels en the Caribbean.
Maraca = n : Gourd Rattle, musical Instrument made of Higuera gourd.
Matu'm = n : Generosity. This is a noble cultural pattern of the Taino.
Matu'n = adj. : Generous.
Mayohuaca'n = n : The Taino Sacred Ceremonial Drum. (See the word Magu'ey).
Mime = n : Little Fly.
Mini = n : Fountain or Spring of Water.
Moin = n : Blood.
Mu' = n : Head. See the word Cimu'.
Mucaro = n : Owl, bird of the night. It is called the Night Eagle and is a good spiritual symbol for the Tainos.

N = n : Noble Lord.
Na = n : Thing.
Naca'n = n : Center.
Nagua = n : Small Loincloth made of white cotton, also used today by the Taino Men. A Note from the TITC Inc : the useage of the term "Taparrabo or Tail Cover" when referring to a Native American Loincloth is a racist Spanish term and should not be used. "The Indigenous people are not animals, we are human beings" Guanikeyu.
Naiboa = n : The poisonous juice of the Yuca brava, use for fishing in the rivers. (see the word Anaiboa).
Naje = n : Oar, used for rowing the Canoas or Boats.
Nana' = n : Girl.
Nanichi = n : My Heart or My Love.
Naniki = n : Spirit or to be active.
Natiao = n : Brother or Brothers as in a family.
Ni = n : Water.
Nigua = n : Insect, similar to the flee, it penatrates the skin of the feet, lays its eggs, causes iching and ulcers that are very painful.
Nitayno = n : Sub-Chief.

O = n : Mountain.
Ocama = v : Lieten.
Oconuco = n : Mountain Farmland.
Operi'to = n : Dead, or the Spirit of a person when they are Dead
Opi'a = n : Spirit. See the word Hupia.
Osama = v : Attention.
Oubao-moin = n : Island of Blood.

Piragua' = n : Longboat or War Boat, Enbarcation.
Pu = n : The color Scarlet Red.

Qu'emi = n : Caribbean Rabbit, like the Hutia but much larger

Ra = n : Place or Birthplace.
Rahe = n : Daughter.
Rahu = n : Children.
Ri' = n : Valiant, Valor, Brave Spirit.
Ris = n : Red or the color red.
Roco = vtr & vi : Remember or know.

Sabana = n : Big Valle or Large Plain.
Sanaco = n : Clown, Dope or Stupid.
Sao = n : Small Plain.
Sarobey = n : Cotton.
Serra = n : Barter or exchange
Siani = n : Married Woman.

Shingu = n : Amazon River.

Tabacu' = n : Tabacco.
Taicaraya = interj. : Good Night or Good Moon.
Taiguey = interj. : Good Day or Good Sun.
Taino = adj. : Good.
Taino-ti' = interj. : "May the Good Great Spirit be with you!". Many Tainos today use this common saying.
Taiuaitiao = : Good Friend.
Tanama = n : Butterfly.
Tao = n : A metal plate made of gold and copper, in the form of a cross also looked upon llke a Chief Guanin. See also Guanin.
Tatagua = n : Ear Ring, made of gold or sea shells.
Tau = interj. : Hello or Hi, a modern day Taino greeting.
Tau-tu'a = n : The good purgative, users to purge.
Ti' = n : Hight, highness, Tall or Big Spirit, as in The Great Spirit.
Tibisi = n : Vegetable.
Tiburon = n : Shark.
Tonina = n : Dolphin.
Tuna = n : Of Water. See the word Ni.
Ture = n : Chair with short legs made of wood.
Turey = n : Sky.
Tureygua = n : Celestial.

Ua' = adj. : No.
Uara' = pron. : You.
Uicu' = n : A Fermented drink. Made from the juice of the Yuca.

Veycosi = n : The Juice of the Yuca

Warishe = n : Woman, in the Arawakan base language.
Wu'a = adj. : No!, but strong imphasis.

Yabisi = n : Tree.
Yarima = n : Anus.
Yaguasa = n : Duck.
Yamoca' = n : Two.
Yamoca'n = n : Three.
Yara = n : Place.
Yarabi = n : Small place.
Yarari = n : A Fine Place.
Yari = n : Small Gold Jewelry, like necklaces of Gold etc.
Yamuy = n : Cat.
Y'ay'a = n : The Creator or Great Spirit. The term Y'aY'a or I'aI'a means Spirit of Spirits.
Yaya' = n : Spirit of the Tree.
Yayael = n : Son of Yaya.
Yayama = n : Pineapple, this is another name for the same fruit. (See the word Anana).
Ynoa = n : Poisonous Juice.
Y'ocahu' = n : Spirit of the Sacred Mountain of the Yuca. Another of the names for the Creator.
Yu' = n : White.
Yucayeke = n : Village.
Y'u'kei'o = n : Sacred Spirit of the White Earth Mountain, a Benevolente Spirit. A monntain in the Luquillo or Yunque Rainforest en Puerto Rico.
Yuke' = White Earth. As the Montain en Luquillo Puerto Rico is always in a white cloudy haze, that is how it gets it name. Yuke is the proper name for the Yumque.

Zi = pron. : This, that.
Zinato = adj. : Irritated.
Zuimaco = n : Another name of the Mother of the Earth Spirits.
Zum-Zum = n : another name for the Hummingbird.

Names of Animals of Land And Water

Ao'n = n : Dog or Little Dog.
Boba = n : Serpent.
Dajao = n : River Fish.
Cajaya = n : Female Shark
Caguama = n : Big Sea Turtle.
Carey = n : Green Sea Turtle.
Cocuyo = n : Small Lighting Bug, with a blueish light, they come out at night.
Coki' = n : Little Green Tree Frog.
Colibri = n : Hummingbird.
Cucubano = n : Large Lighting Bug, with four wings and two lights, they come out at night.
Guanajo = n : Turkey.
Iguaca = n : Green Parrot.
Iguana = n : Large Green Lizard.
Inriri = n : Wood Pecker.
Jaiba = n : River Crab or Freshwater Crayfish River.
Jejen = n : Mosquito.
Jicotea = n : Land Turtle.
Jujo = n : Snake.
Maja = Big Snake.
Manati = n : Sea Cow.
Nigua = n : Insect, that is similar to the flee.
Tiburon = n : Shark.
Tonina = n : Dolphin.
Yaguasa = Duck.
Yamuy = n : Cat.

Names of Plants of Land And Water

Digo = n : A plant used to wash the body.
Mabi' = n : A Fruit tree.
Guama' = n : Large Shade Tree, a fruit Tree.
Jibiria = n : Watermelon.
Sarobey = n : Cotton.
Yabisi = n : Tree.

Objects Used In Daily Taino Living

Amaraca = n : Sacred Ceremonial Wooden Rattle. made of black Capa wood.
Baira = n : Bow.
BOhio = n : house or Roundhouse.
Bure'n = n : Cooking Plate. a round flate plate made of clay.
Cabuya = n : Thin Cord, a fishing line.
Caney = n : Longhouse or the Chief House.
Canoa = n : Small Boat.
Cemi = n : Totem.
Cibuca'n = n : Extractor or Squeezer.
Digo = n = : Soap, used to wash the body made from a plant.
Dujo = n : Ceremonial Chair.
Guagua = n : Bus or Car, a form of transit.
Guajey = n : Gord Scraper also known as a Guiro.
Guani'n = n : Chiefs Golden Medallion.
Guayo = n : Grater.
Hamaca = n : Hanging Bed.
Inagua = n : Long Loincloth made of white cotton. used by the married women.
Jaba = n : Carrying Basket.
Ja'bao = n : Three stinged musical Gourd Instrument, See the word Jabao.
Jagua = n : Black Dye, used for dying cotton cloth and for body paint.
Jico = n : Cord or rope.
Manaya = n : Hachet.
Maraca = n : Gord Rattle, Musical Instrument made of Higuera gord.
Nagua = n : Small Loincloth made of white cotton. Also used today by Taino Men.
Naje = n : Oar, used for rowing the Canoas or boats.
Piragua' = n : Longboat or War Boat.
Tatagua = n : Ear Rings, made of Gold or sea shells.
Ture = n : Chair with short legs made of wood.
Yuke = n : Stone Ceremonial Belt.

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