Steps of the Book

Steps of the Book is set in the Seattle Arcology. Players take the roles of a squad of Federal Security Bureau agents specializing in cult tasking, known as the Sectarian Crimes Division. They mostly break up "Day Cults", groups that organize for fashion's sake and don't know any better.

However, one cult is in possession of something they didn't know the significance of - the Necronomicon Ex Mortis. It is an ancient book written by the Sumerians with a separate history than the more popular arabic Necronomicon. This book leads to the awakening of Deadites among the Seattle population.

Deadites are the spiritual presences of non-living energies who wish to possess those who live and experience corporeal existence. They prefer human hosts, but can also possess non-living matter.

Office of Internal Security deals with cults with known mystic and occult dealings. These black bag jobs always end with dead bodies and disappearances.

The Deadites take out all accessible exits to the Arcology, trapping everyone in. One mission might be to get to the underground tram that leads out, but the deadites will have already ripper up the tracks and created a massive chasm.

The deadites draw back into their realm during the daytime.

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