Sōshi Kageyo
Sōshi Kageyo
Biographical Information
Born 1109
Home -
Titles -
Family Information
Parents -
Siblings Soshi Masako (sister)
Extended Shosuro Ayame (niece) †
Shosuro Akuro (nephew)
Wife -
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height -
Weight -
Hair Color White
Eye Color Grey
Clan Scorpion Clan
School Soshi Shugenja
Kaō of Shosuro Kageyo

Sōshi Kageyo is a scorpion shugenja. He has a stately home just outside of Kashi Mura in the Mountains of the Seven Thunders.

There are peasant stories of people being dragged into his house and never seen again and servants disappearing.


Scorpion Coup

Burning Sands

War Against Shadow

Spirit Wars

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