Princess Agitha
Biographical Information
Location of Birth -
Date of Birth (age 11)
Home -
Title The Bug Princess
Physical Description
Race Half-elf
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Purple
Height 4'9" (94 pounds)
Family Information
Family Members (Mother)
Animal Companion Cassandra

Agitha, also known as the Bug Princess, is a 10 year old half-elf girl obsessed with collecting bugs of all types. She pretends to be a princess of the insect kingdom. Although she is a bit delusional, she is very kind and caring. She is not afraid of monsters and wishes to be friends with them, but knows not all are interested. Sometimes she likes to talk in third person.

She often carries a parasol and basket and dresses in bright colored gothic lolita dresses.

Agitha has a pendant around her neck shaped like a bug, which might be a powerful artifact unbeknownst to her.

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A female Great Medusa Spider (Latrodectus regina magnus), she has a body length of 2'10" and is strikingly black and yellow.

Medusa spiders are so called because of their paralyzing venom, however the Great Medusa Spider rarely has the necessary venom quantities to have this effect on medium sized creatures.

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