Once Upon a Time in East Hub Village

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Once Upon a Time in East Hub Village (Mura Higashi Chushin wa Mukashimukashi; 村東中心では昔々) is a Legend of the Five Rings campaign set in 441 during the White Stag Era in east-hub-village.

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Month of the Hare

yasuki enter norther harbor with poose

tall building pagoda yasuki.

hida loves the term uncle chin

red river army mon - two half circles - soldi stripe downward.

yukino comes in w phoenix caravan

Dogs - slang for gaijin

refuses dock work

mantis send him away - sees mantis beauty

Doji Norei

failed tempation roll

Old dojo guy turns him away. - is nice

Goyaku Inn - cheapest; run by Masori

fishing is a hobby in the town.

Isawa Dozan - now a servant to Seppun Nakashima.

The Goddess' Beauty - Dakki stayed her night there. Iryoke. Wake up with fox fire missing.

Whispers of the Earth leads her to the Seppun estate. She tells the guards she is a messenger of Inari and goes into the courtyard, one fo the guards is sekptical and tries to kill her with his spear, it does only a drop of blood adnt the guards bow to her- she forgives the spearman.

a guard runs inside yelling for the Lord. Dakki follows.

the lord meet dakki and denies a guest. more guards. Chosen walks in and admits she hired a gifted shugenja.

Dakki demands her fire back, Nakashima orders it - a shugenja presents it. she opens jar and the fire flies out, but dakki eats the last bit. dakki flies off.

SHe heads towards Yasuki Pagoda.

dragon sends hotaka to village in order to witness 'the end". travels through winter.

Hotaka goes to Jurojin temple and tells of the fall of his tempe. tells aboutthe dragon and the oni.

left arm is dead.

monk - Nobuyori.

abbott - Yoshizuni - skilled acupuncturist.

Nobuyori will go see Otomo Estuko in the near future. Hotaka wants to help.

a young boy samurai - with both katana and wakizashi. - nobuyori says there is no boy.

Yukino sees Masoru getting hasseled by yakuza. arm cut off.

they run to the temple. hotaka helps nobuyori heal the yakuza. Yamo. Hotaka atemi heals and noboyrui is impressed. Akira and Samasu are the other two.

Akira leaves (no donation) and heads off to report. Hotaka stays and converses with Samasu. Samasu tells a monk to get sake. the monk does so. they talk about the town. Hotaka drinks with him.

Izoku the yoriki. speaks with yukino. eta clean up. "next time, kill them outright." she leaves.

the inn owner hired yukino but cannot pay him money she offers what is under the roof. he agrees, says food and room is enough. Yukino asks what the guys wanted. SHe tells him they are a brotherhood and since she has no money, she offers what is under the roof.

Dakki goes to yasuki estates and speaks with Katsushiro. SHe wants to be hired as shugenja. tells tale of woe as she has no place to stay. he offer her a loan. she refuses. tells her come back tomorrow.

Dakki goes to the goyaku inn. casts a vulgar spell. many people run. spell heals the inn. Kitsune sits down next to Yukino and the innkeeper. Yukino gives her 4 bu. Masoru goes to buy sake. (10 jugs of sake).

Noboru walking around the town with Aika.

Chinkosei sends him to go see Agasha Kasuga, a fire shugenja, for more information. sends him off with a sleeve of ryo.

Finds a shack house near the docks with paper wards and small fetish dolls out front.

Noboru calls out to the shugenja.

Agasha is to his right on the street with a tea set in his arms.

"Maybe we can step inside and have some of your tea. - Noboru.

"What? oh. This isn't for us."

Agasha makes tea in a different tea set with magic.

Agasha says he is also looking into things. Noboru mentions A kuni shugenja that is at his estate. Agasha says he'd like to talk to uncle himself. Also, if you could carry this tea sset for me.

arrives. agasha leading yasuki? goes to get uncle. comes back to find agasha and kuuni finishing a conversation.

uncle and noboru speaks and go through duties

sees nanami in the dojo - captian doesnt like her. aika is at shrine.

Noboru speaks with the girls - Aika says agasha sked her assistance but not to tell anyone. Noboru wants her as a spy with him.

Hotaka asees boy at the edge of a bpool. "its goint o rain soon"

dakki goes to yasuki and meets kaor. changes into fox - gets lord. Lord recognizes dakki from her father. she asks to be hired and chinkosei agrees out of respect for her dad. She explains fox fire. chinkosei doesnt mention agasha. Gives her 5 ryo and room and board. asl opersonal attendant. yasuki tells her that seppun is friend but wrath against isawa is ok. She tells him tha tthe seppun will be spared her wrath.

karo takes her on a tour.

yukino heads off to find info on shin'i. they tell him about asahina yojin.

goldsmiths and silk merchants - favored by shin'i

Sees that a magistrate is following. tries to loose him - gains a second one. fight breaks.

beheads the first one, second runs away and a third approaches and asks him to drink sake.

hotaka sees yakuza guys leave - they thank him. seppun comes in and shaves head and takes the name Nonin.

hotaka tells the abbot about his visions of the boy. abbot says is normal

Yamo - yakuza with one arm / Samasu drank with Hotaka.

during his trabvels in the wintetr, hotaka told passerbys that his arm was frost bitten.
Yukino accepts invite of Ryuei, goes to Goddess' Beauty.

ryei explains the sitvch but syas he wants impressed.

a dpoctor arrives and looks at yukiono's injuries.

ryuei pays ofr the meal and leaves.

Yukino goes to the crane estates. is met by Daidoji Tamaki - she has TB. 30 yrs old.

Tamaki takes in yukino and point os out the 600 yr old tree and the wasp nest that is blessed by _ and never stings people. and the torii that the lord was married under

yukino tries to flirt =witht the woman, but is unimpressedf.

Yukjino sees shini and asks for his sister - unavailable you didnt announce yourself. :( we'll come get you when your avaialable - yukino says newxt week is good.

leaves and flirts with woman more. invites her to the inn. she smiles poiltely.

yukino goes and does his job. - sees Izoku the yoriki.

inn is busy. most lucritive night of her career. is ordering a shrine to inari outside for people to leave kitsune statues.

lantern eta.

yukino goes to bed.

next day yukino wanders and asks about Gusai Shizue.

hotaka goes to the docks

whores leaving the docks.

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