Ninja Sex Party Movie

Ninja Sex Party: The Movie

What to include

  • Annoying guy that Danny hates
  • "Son of a Bitch!"
  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • Awkward boner scene
  • Tinkles and Gary
  • "Jesus"

What not to include

Some things are best left for sequels. These include,

  • Game Grumps
  • TWRP

Treatment / Script

Danny starts out as a nerdy awkward kid who plays Dungeons and Dragons. He has a crush on a girl he's never talked to who has a boyfriend. He tries to figure out how to make her his. Somehow he gets the idea to try lying or trying to subtly bring up the subject of sex in the conversation (which he rejects at first), but when he has a chance to speak with the girl, he introduces himself as Danny Sex…bang. She likes guys in bands, so Danny claims to be in a band. As the conversation goes, more lies follow; they are going to play a gig in a few days at a large important venue. She is excited to see him there and Danny has no idea how to fulfill all his promises.

Meanwhile, Ninja Brian (who begins unnamed), is one of the "Ninja" a vague monolithic collection of ninja warriors. He is given a task of some sort which somehow involves killing Danny. Brian leaves to track down his prey.

Danny continues to try and court his girl, all the while dodging her jealous boyfriend. Danny ends up hiding from him and feeling relieved, but runs afoul of the murderous ninja sent to kill him. A fight ensues and fight when the ninja is about to deliver the death blow, the door is opened and the girl and her boyfriend see them in a pose where the ninja is about to stab Danny. Everyone involved looks awkward and the girl asks who the ninja guy is. Danny thinks quick. "This is… Brian." She asks if he is in Danny's band. Danny quickly answers yes, to Brian's surprise and anger. She asks if she can see them perform. Brian shakes his head angrily. Danny says there are no instruments around. The boyfriend points out several incredibly convenient instruments in the room. Danny and Brian make up a song on the spot and have immediate chemistry and skill. The girl, satisfied, leaves. Danny makes a deal with Brian; if he will help Danny make it to the gig, he will in turn help Brian with his ultimate objective. Brian agrees and a fated partnership is forged. Brian then immediately raises his knife to stab Danny again, but Danny, annoyed, tells him "Later, Brian. Jesus."

A scene involves Brian having to kill a room full of people. All that is shown is Brian pulling out a knife and then cutting to outside the room, Danny and Brian exit the door covered in blood. Danny says "Well, that was the most nightmarish thing I've ever witness."

Later, Danny has to convince someone that the band he is in plays metal. Danny assures them it is the "Heaviest metal, A new style called Ultra Mega Heavy Fuck Metal. It is illegal in twelves states."

Near the end of the film, as Danny lies have spiraled dangerously out of control and caused a chain reaction that brings about outrageous consequences, Danny realizes he needs to die to resolve the conflict for the good of all. He turns to Ninja Brian, his companion whom he has bonded with over the course of the film and asks him, though he knows it will be difficult, that in the end, he must die. Danny knows their friendship has blossomed like a beautiful rose and… - Brian has already stabbed Danny. Danny says "Brian, you dick, but also thank you, but also go fuck yourself, but also thank you…"

Danny dies, but soon resurrects, taking on the full form and sparkling majesty of Danny Sexbang. "Danny? Thats what they used to call me. Danny Avidan. I am Danny Sexbang."

Throughout all this, at the end, Dannys lies come to light and the girl he has been chasing is mad and insulted refusing to be with a person who has lied to her and she leaves to Danny great sadness… until another girl steps in frame and says that she'll have sex with him. Danny cheers.

The movie ends with the concert that Danny promised in the beginning happening after all with many people in attendance. Ninja Sex Party is a success.

Sequel ideas

Sequel numbers jump around without explanation and recaps of the other "films" in between is hastily recapped in the beginning of each new movie.

Barry is killed in every movie.

Ninja Sex Party 3: Clash of the Revenge

Include Arin and Barry and the rest of the Grumps. Arin and Barry are possessed by the time traveling spirits of the Samurai Abstinence Patrol. Barry is killed. But Arin fights the possession and band with NSP to overcome the BBEG of the film. They merge powers together and evolve into Starbomb to do musical battle with the final villain.

Heavy influences from Tron and old Kung Fu movies.

Ninja Sex Party VII

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