Biographical Information
Homeworld Suskillon
Location of Birth Brinnoa, Suskillon
Date of Birth (age 25)
Physical Description
Species Kasatha
Gender Male
Height 7'6"
Mass 265 lbs
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Blue
Skin Color Blue
Family Information
Family Members ?
Chronological and Political Information
Affiliations ?

Nemo'kim a'Ónulm u'Stálat qu'Apóstafa us'Kard, known better as simply Nemo, is a kasatha solarian. His mother is Ónulm, his father is Stálat, his family is Apóstafa from the Clan Kard.


Early life

Nemo'kim was born the first son of a moderately wealthy family in the capital city of Brinnoa. He was one of several chldren, including a younger sister, D_.

Nemo's father, Stálat, was a betting man, and thought himself untouchable. That was until he placed a wrong bet on a orbak race and ended up in debt with the ysoki crime syndicate. Stálat was periodically harassed by a ysoki capo named Brickfoot. During these visits, Brickfoot repeatedly broke into the houshold, smashed their belongings and demanded money, which the family tried to pay to avoid problems. It seemed that no matter how much money was given, the debt was never payed.

It was through a chance encounter in the city market that Nemo met his master, Adaar. While he was out buying groceries, some ysoki henchmen attempted to kidnap young Nemo. He was saved through the masterful martial prowess of Adaar, a kasatha solarian who was in the city. Nemo explained the situation to the warrior and Adaar announced his interest in helping. However, Nemo's father believed the solarian would only anger the ysoki syndicate further and angrily told the solarian to leave and to not involve himself. During the conversation, however, Adaar heard more ysoki henchmen arriving. Adaar took Nemo and they both hid away. Nemo listened as Brickfoot smashed the door in, physically beat his father and destroyed several of their belongings, angry of the violence done to his henchmen. They demanded they hand over Nemo before the day was done, and left. Once they were gone, Nemo's injured father brought his son out of hiding and tearfully hugged him, requesting that Adaar take Nemo to the cosmonastery.

An emotional Nemo promised his father he would work hard in his training, become as power and strong as possible and then come back to protect his family and any others who face injustice.

Time at the Cosmonastery

Nemo was taken to the Eight Thousand Suns Cosmonastery and taught the principles to the Philosophy of the Cycle. Although children are not unknown to the cosmonastery, they usually only stay until they finish childhood schooling and return to society. Some take oaths and become monks who stay further, sometimes they stay for their entire lives. But an elite few are chosen to become Solarians, warrior-monks who champion the cycle of balance.

During his time at the cosmonastery, Nemo learned a very valuable lesson when his dear pet squox died. Adaar comforted him by relating how his beloved pet was now part of the cycle of life and death, to eventually find itself back in the body of a star.

Despite his enthusiasm, by the time Nemo reached early adulthood, it became clear that he wasn't grasping his lessons as well as he should and his chances of becoming a solarian had all by passed him by. It was Adaar that persuaded Master Tuhthaar to test Nemo for Solarian training, where he passed his tests. He then began his training as an official solarian initiate under Adaar.

Throughout his training, Nemo had always made clear his intention to one day return to Brinnoa and help his family from the persecution of the criminal syndicate. Master Tuhthaar become concerned that Nemo's motivations would unbalance him to disorder. Nemo insisted this was not the case as he was not driven by vengeance, but justice. Nevertheless, Nemo admitted he hated Brickfoot for what he has done to his family.

The Tempering

Now it is time for Nemo to undergo the Tempering.

As a member of a local church on Suskillon, you felt the call to administer to the spiritual needs of the soldiers that took up arms against the Swarm. Since the 5th Battalion’s sacrifices at the Battle at Stone Sea, the battered outfit has had several soldiers suffer from battle fatigue and crises of faith as the Swarm enemy continues its campaign. You stepped into a chaplain role in the battalion to protect not only the bodies of your fellow comrades, but their mortal souls.

Appearance and personality

At seven and a half feet, Nemo is an extremely tall kasatha.



There was a strong connection and bond between Adaar and Nemo almost instantly. For his thirteenth birthday, Nemo received a river stone from Adaar, something that came from the ancient homeworld of Kasath.

Others at the cosmonastery

Nemo had a good relationship with a young shirren initiate named Xilkesh, to whom Nemo gave a gift to. He also had a very close relationship with Kyorin, a lashunta initiate who always pushed the limits of what was permissible.

After Nemo began his initiate training, he met with Senhir'e during melee training. They started off on rocky terms, as she was a naturally angry student, but would later forge a friendship that might even develope into something more.

However, not everything was friendly. He would become rivals and possible enemies with B_ and A_.

Eight Thousand Suns Cosmonastery

Maz'ifl Desert

The Eight Thousand Suns Cosmonastery (Naóssumiea Eida ílimus) is located somewhere in the Maz'ifl Desert (meaning "beside-the-water") in northern reaches of Alappu Major. The cosmonastery is positioned to see some of the longest days and the longest nights of the world.

The Maz'ifl Desert is a semi-arid scrub desert located in a basin with mountains to the east, west and north.


  • zones of salt flats
  • lightning fires
  • desert golden forests
  • shadow rain
  • a zone in the desert the government may have been doing tests in long ago
  • desert devils near an unholy site
  • stones that change color
  • a literal ghost town
  • lightning sand
  • lava pools
  • geothermal energies keeps the area warm even how north it is
  • rumors of a powerful fey trickster spirit that can change shape


  • Saguaroi, cactus monster
  • blue grass that sprouts during rain falls
  • ricegrass
  • saltgrass
  • desert thorn plants
  • salt-bush
  • poppy fields for narcotics
  • local berries
  • four winged flying shrubs


  • Asabi
  • Galeb duhr (small size)
  • Thoqqua
  • Porcupine
  • Dust Digger
  • Wolf-in-Sheep’s-Clothing
  • Goblin Snake
  • Wolpertinger
  • Desert Landwyrm (rumored)
  • Reptilian owl
  • Fairy owl (tiny)
  • Crysmal
  • small magma elementals
  • Albino Cave Solifugid
  • Crest Eater
  • Dust manta
  • Suskillon gazelle
  • Flayer Leech
  • Thermatrod
  • Reptilian horse
  • Lotus Leshy (near the river)


Race: Kasatha
Theme: Priest
Class: Solarian

Str 12
Dex 12
Con 10
Int 8
Wis 13
Cha 18

Species features

4 HP
Desert Stride
Four Armed

Class Features

7 HP
Solar Weapon


Acrobatics (c) +2 racial
Athletics (c) +2 racial
Culture (c) +2 racial
Diplomacy (c)
Intimidate (c)
Mysticism (c) +1 theme
Perception (c)
Physical Science (c)
Piloting (c)
Profession (c)
Sense Motive (c)
Stealth (c)



Light Armor

Prosthetic limb?
Comm unit
Kasatha mask (environmental)

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