Lok Lana
Lok Lana
Biographical Information
Homeworld Glee Anselm
Location of Birth Pieralos,
Glee Anselm
Date of Birth 45 BBY
Physical Description
Species Hapa Nautolan
Gender Male
Height 1.68 meters
Mass ?
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Black
Skin Color Amber
with blue ringed pattern
when angered
Family Information
Family Members Luna Lana (sister)
Chronological and Political Information
Era Rebellion
Affiliations Imperial Senate

"I'm nobody's puppet." - Lok Lana

Lok Lana was a former imperial senator turned gambler. He has part of his spine replaced with a prosthesis, as well as three organs from a blaster bolt to the back.

He once knew the former anselmi senator of Glee Anselm, Darsana.

Flies a modified DeepWater-class light freighter, Pandion.


Early Years

Imperial Senator

A member of a senatorial committee of out riding systems, with Scarlet Fox, and Auron.

Luna Lana's Coup

His sister performed a political coup in 1 BBY and took his place as imperial senator. She stranded him on Gargon in the Mandalore Sector, Luna leaving him for dead. According to official imperial records, he is dead. He refuses to hide behind a pseudonym.

It is to his great amusement that the senate was dissolved a year later, but it does nothing to slake his thirst for revenge.


On the gangster ridden world of Gargon, Lok learned how to apply his political savvy towards the new life of the underworld. He took the life of a scoundrel with ease, but never lost his finer tastes and etiquette.

The Golden Ticket

On a yacht in the Adell Subsector of the Periphery Secor, Lok Lana gambled with some interesting fellows, including a farmer-turned-professional-gambler, and a woman in a white mask, dressed as the Queen of Air and Darkness. After Lana cleaned her out, he bet another hand if he could look under her mask. Instead she offered a golden ticket to a prestigious gambling cruiser. Lana handedly won the bet. Later, he was approached by an old colleague, Scarlet Fox, at the bar. Lana was initially put off by her reappearance, but agreed to sit and talk with her and her friends at a booth for the night.

Later, the yacht landed at Arliss in the Forlorn System. There, Lana attempted to speak with the locals about the Sweet Water business and possible involvement in its distribution, though nothing bore fruit. Some days later, the gambling ship arrive, and Lana boarded.

In the tournament, Lana met up with Scarlet Fox again. She let him in on a rumor that the ship was heading toward the nearest star instead of its stated course. Lana joined Fox and they headed to the cockpit and Fox told the captain to let her in. She spoke candidly with the captain, showing that they know each other. The captain said they were heading toward a ship wreck in the path of a sun that shrank and expanded regularly. The wreck was going to be swallowed by the star in four hours and they wanted to check for survivors. When the cruiser arrived, they saw it was a ship, the likes of which was completely unknown. Fox requested permission to take a team and explore the wreckage. Lana stayed behind, but monitored their exploration. Fox brought back an ancient, but working, filament gun for Lana.

After defeating one gambler, Lana was offered the deed to a storage facility on Ten-Seven. After this bet, Lana won with a landslide, but he struck a conversation with his worthy opponent, the bounty hunter Zed. Lana promised that if he had work for Zed, he would contact the human.

Later, Fox noticed that the former senator Auron was aboard the ship. The three spoke and began to entertain the plans of teaming together after the tournament as explorers. Fox addressed the popular rumor that followed her around in the senate that she was a pirate, correcting that she was instead an adventurer who was hired as a pretend pirate by a luxury cruise to scare passengers and create an entertaining trip. Her former ship, the Black Dragon, was in disrepair, but she mused about fixing in up again.

During the quarter final sabacc game, Lana noticed his opponent was cheating and decided not to point it out at the moment, but approached the human later at a booth and insinuated his knowledge of the cheater up his sleeve and wished to seek an understanding. The human played dumb, and so Lana was about to make good on his promise to show the captain the security footage, when the gambler pulled a blaster and shot Lana in the back.

Lok Lana woke three days later with several cybernetic replacements. He was informed of the gambler's death, shot by security after assaulting Lana. The cruise ended with Lana as the third place winner and a total of 700,000 credits of profit. The ship landed on Ten-Seven. At the docking bay, Scarlet Fox saw a droid named Pinstripe and went to greet him while Lana looked up the location of his newly gained storage facility. The scene was rocked as Pinstripe suddenly detonated, killing Scarlet Fox and several others.

  • Check out Storage Company
  • Go to Funeral and look at Black Dragon
  • See Black Hole
  • Go back to 10-7 and buy ship.
  • Purchase LE-ON and buy mods.
  • Find out about space station and go there for new hyperdrive.

Aboard the Wayfarer

  • Imperial attack and the droid ship
  • The Bounty Hunters Arrive
  • Lok leaves with the hunters toward the ghost planet to seek the droid ship.
  • Finds a cave and inside is a central droid control unit.
  • Finds a visual list of the eight senators from the commitee as assassination targets.

Appearance and Personality

Fearless to the point of recklessness.

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