Level and Age
Age Category Ability Adjustments
Child (1-11) -3 to Str and Con;
-1 to Dex, Int, Wis and Cha
Young Adult (12-15) Original Scores
Adult (16-39) Original Scores
Middle Age (40-59) -1 to physical;
+1 to mental
Old (60-79) -2 to physical;
+2 to mental
Venerable (80+) -3 to physical;
+3 to mental
Age Category Typical Level
Child -
Young Adult 1st
Adult 1st
Adult (limited experience) 3rd
Adult (moderate experience) 5th
Adult (high experience) 7th
Middle Age (moderate experience) 6th
Middle Age (high experience) 8th
Old 9th
Venerable 10th
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