Kitsune Koi
Kitsune Koi
Biographical Information
Born (age 18)
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Family Information
Parents Father
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Physical Description
Gender Female
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Weight - lbs
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Clan Fox
School Kitsune Shugenja

Kitsune Koi (狐鯉) is the assumed name of the fox spirit Kuzunoha (葛の葉).

Tale of Kuzunoha 葛の葉の物語

Humans are wholly unique in the world as they, unlike other animals, cannot change their shape to any discernable degree. Some animals look upon humans and laugh at their misfortune and harass them. Others take pity on them. Kuzunoha is a fox who feels pity. She is a very special type of fox; a five tailed myobu. One hundred years old, Kuzunoha had become fascinated by ningen-do and wished to travel to the world of humans, but unable to find time away from her duty to Inari-sama, fortune of rice, she was content to dream.

One day all of the noble animal spirits gathered together in Chikushudo to discuss whether or not to kill all of the humans on Ningen-do.

“For four hundred years, Man has hunted my children!” shouted the O-Kuni-Nishi, Lord of Hares.

“Fool!” shouted the inugami, “It isn’t Man who catches hares, but us!”

At this the spirits nodded in agreement, but knew how quick the inugami were to defend their masters.

Sarutahiko, the Monkey-Man had more to say; “Whenever we approach Man, he kicks us and chases us away! He is clearly undeserving of the touch of heaven bestowed upon him!”

“That is because you keep stealing from him.” countered Maneki, the Cat of Fortune. “If you merely lay on his lap, he will bestow gifts on you. This is the kindness of Man.

The spirits did quarrel until they all looked to Inari who had been sitting at the gathering quietly. Everyone knew that of all the animals, foxes knew Man the best. Finally the Lady of Foxes spoke.

“Man has kicked us, hunted us, killed us and ate us. We know the brutality of Man.”

The spirits nodded solemnly at this.

“However, Man has fed us, raised us, gave us shelter and has even on occasion set us free from his traps. We know the kindness of Men.”

The spirits nodded assuredly at this. Inari spoke again.

“I propose a test. I will send two of my foxes to test Man. Both of these will take the shape of a lady and when they are ready, they will find a husband to marry. One will find the best husband and the other will find the worst. If the best disgraces himself we shall kill Man and reclaim Ningen-do. If the worst redeems himself we shall forever allow man to live and resign ourselves to his nature.”

“This is a fine plan.” says O-Watatsumi, who was renown for his wisdom. “Who shall your two foxes be?”

Inari thought for a moment and looked to her foxes, who were always with her, glowing with fox-fire.

“The first shall be my most wicked trickster, Tamamo-no-Mae. She will find the worst of Men to wed. And the other shall be my most innocent messenger, Kuzunoha. She will find the best of Men to wed.”

Kuzunoha pricked her ears at the mention of her name and silently panicked. She did not believe herself to be worthy, or capable, of such a task.

After the gathering, the spirits went their own way and as the foxes traveled with Inari, Kuzunoha told her mistress of her worries. Inari smiled, “Little fox, there is much for you to learn having just celebrated your one hundredth birthday. You will do no less or more than your dharma had for you all along.” And after that, Inari said nothing else.

And so Kuzunoha entered Ningen-do and visited the Fox Clan of samurai. There, a celebration of birth was taking place for Kitsune Koi, a human girl with a strange fate…

Under the Hood

Okay, I know this back story is huge and it most likely brings in a whole new element you didn’t expect to use. But, I think it’ll be good. I would love it if you would bring in the idea of this spirit war to the game, but if not, then the whole thing can be boiled down to a simple spirit wager over Kuzunoha and Tamamo-no-Mae. Pick and choose what will work best for you.

I have done some good research and have found much information about kitsune spirits. If you have any questions on their nature or such, I can tell you or even give you some links to informative sites.

I have for your approval, two character ideas. The first is the one I hope you will except; it is for Kuzunoha, a kitsune spirit who has taken the identity of Kitsune Koi, a girl who died before her tenth birthday. Kuzunoha takes her identity without the knowledge of anyone except Koi’s parents who deduce it themselves. Kuzunoha attends the Kitsune Shugenja school and is on her quest to find a the best man she can to wed. All the stats for spirits and their abilities can be found in the Enemies of the Empire book, and yes, they are appropriate for player characters.

The second idea, is under the assumption that Koi did not die, but is merely the subject of kitunetsuki, or fox possession. This means I will use no rules from EoE and the entire ‘fox spirit’ will be entirely fluff. She will speak of Kuzunoha and reference her, but the character I will play is Koi.


  • If someone drops something in Kuzunoha’s presence, she must pick it up and return it
  • Cannot kill a living thing
  • Must tell no one of her nature
  • Must marry a worthy human within one year
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