Kitsune Dakki
Kitsune Dakki
Biographical Information
Born (400 years)
(17 years)
Home -
Titles -
Family Information
Parents Kitsune Hiroyuki (father)
Kitsune Rie (mother)
Spouse -
Children -
Siblings Older bro
two young sisters
Extended -
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height -
Weight -
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown / Green
Clan Fox Clan
School Kitsune Shugenja

"You are housing stolen property in your home and I want it returned." - Kitsune Dakki to Seppun Nakashima.

Kitsune Dakki is a fox spirit who has taken on the mortal guise of a Fox Clan samurai.


Save the rift of the Fox Clan

The Ki-rin

While wandering the old Ki-Rin lands


  • Father took part in the Five Nights of Shame. He died. Upon his death - gave to her a serpentine chain supporting a pale green gem with a dot of blood inside.
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