Kalamar Dhuurniv
Kalamar Dhuurniv
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Maerimydra
Date of Birth (Age 125+lvlx5)
Physical Description
Race Drow
Gender Male
Hair Color Deep Red
Eye Color Aqua
Family Information
Family Members Welvantar (Uncle)

Kalamar Dhuurniv is a fearless drow warrior who finds himself in an unknown world.

He was formerly part of House Dhuurniv of the drow city Maerimydra before it fell to the army of Kurgoth Hellspawn. He was the weapon master of his house due to the recent death of his uncle. His spear has a reputation for its deadliness.

He embraces the hedonism employed by many drow and is joyous at any chance to display power when not under the heel of a female. Kalamar is cunning, manipulative and cynically amoral, showing no hesitation in resorting to violence and murder.

Kalamar's central goal is his own survival and he is prepared to face any task, or ally with any being to see that through. While his alliances are pragmatic and self-serving, Kalamar does show great loyalty to them.

4e Build (11th Level)

Kalamar Dhuurniv Level 11 Rogue / -PP-
Medium Natural Fey Humanoid XP: 1200

Initiative +_ Senses Perception +_; darkvision
HP 12+con+5xlvl; Bloodied _; Healing Surges 6+conmod per day; _ Healed
AC _ Fortitude _ Reflex +2 Will -
Resist -
Speed 6

Melee (standard; at-will) ♦ Weapon
+_ vs AC; 1d_ + _ -type- damage (crit _d_ + _). -effect-

Ranged (standard; at-will) ♦ Weapon
Ranged _ / _; +_ vs AC; 1d_ + _ -type- damage (crit _d_ + _). -effect-

Cloud of Darkness


Alignment Evil Languages Common, Elven

Skills +2 Intimidate, +2 Stealth, Stealth + Thievery + 4

Feats Weapon Proficiency: Spear, 6 others

Str 11 (+_) Dex 21 (+_) Wis 15 (+_)
Con 12 (+_) Int 13 (+_) Cha 18 (+_)

Equipment -
- gp

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