Kakita Kiruko
Kakita Kiruko
Biographical Information
Born -
Home -
Titles -
Family Information
Parents -
Siblings -
Extended Kakita Kaiten (uncle)
Betrothed -
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height -
Weight -
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Clan Crane Clan
School Doji Courtier

Kakita Kiruko is a crane courtier known for her skill with a blade and her relation to Kakita Kaiten. She is known for her quick temper which lead to several duels, many of them illegal.

She has been chosen by Doji Tanitsu to be presented as a bride to Hantei Naseru.


The name Kiruko is normally spelled 白子, but she uses an archaic kanji for 'kiru'; 掰. The common spelling denotes a sense of innocence and purity, while the spelling Kiruko prefers denotes violence and destruction. In addition to the strange spelling, others have noticed the strange and difficult way she pronounces her name; kiaii-ruko.


A walk in the gardens with Saori

Ryoko Owari

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