Journey of the Golden Wolf

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The Magnificent Journey of the Golden Wolf with Fifty-Three Families, or Gojūsan Kazoku to Koganeōkami no Sōrei Tabi (五十三家族と黄金狼の壮麗旅), is a series of adventures across Rokugan during the Four Winds Saga, beginning in early 1159. It largely concerns five great clan samurai taking the statue Ō-Koganeōkami around the Empire to promote imperial unity during a time of great political intrigue.

Scroll One: Winter

Tournament of the Samurai

In the Month of the Hare, 1159, several representatives from the great clans traveled to the Isles of Spice and Silk to take part in the Taikai no Samurai at Kyuden Gotei.

First Court Session

Moon Beach: Poetry

Niji Gardens: Painting


A Murder


Duel on Moon Beach; Doji Saori vs Yoritomo Wei

Finishing the Tournament

The Puddle War

Meeting Doji Akiko

A Walk with Kakita Kiruko

A Wedding turns to a Funeral

Kaneka's Request

By Land and Sea

A Scene at the Sake House

Subdued Threats at the Inn

Spirits of the Night

Jade Tears

Tanuki spirit under the burned building.

The Meeting


Xao nukes Daidoji Rekai with lightning. Imperial records do not say if she perished.

The Lost Path

Battle of Red Flame

Crab Lands erupt ina Shadowlands invasion of a massive scale. The only safe path now - is the Shadowlands themselves.

The Dark Hermit

Meet Daigotsu

A Brotherly Concern

Saori leads talks over the fate of the body of Hida Kuon's brother.


Moon of Madness

First Night

Second Night

Third Night

The Oracle Speaks

Scroll Two: Summer

In the summer of 1159, Toturi Sezaru leads the Keepers of the Wolf to Ryoko Owari.

The Sezaru Sensei
Yoritomo Xao - Isawa Nakamuro
(Kyuden Isawa)
* Gift - Tadaka's Gift (Secrets of
the Phoenix, p. 61)
* New Spell: Castle of Air (Book
of Air, p. 183)

Doji Saori - Doji Norie
(Doji Academy)
* Gift - 2nd gen copy of "Way of
the Crane" by Doji Yasurugi
* New Kata: Empire Rests on its
Edge (Way of the Samurai, p. 12)

Shosuro Akuro - Rokugo Tai
(Red Crane Dojo)
* Gift - Blacksteel Shuriken (Secrets
of the Scorpion, p. 45)
* New Kata: Tail's Reach (Legend
of the Five Rings; Third Edition, p. 203)

Hiruma Kazuo - Tsuruchi Hakobe
(Kyuden Ashinagabachi)
* Gift - 2nd gen copy of "Judgement"
by Tsuruchi Hakobe
* New Kata: Strike of the Cliff's
Edge (Way of the Samurai, p. 53)

City of Fortunes

Enter Akodo Hitomi

"This city is your oyster. Don't be afraid to pick the pearl" - Bayushi Ogura

Bayushi Ogura spoke with Hitomi and assured her this was an easy post.

Wedding of Shosuro Akuro and Tomoyo

Soshi daimyo announced her blessing at the betrothal of Hiruma Kazuo and Shosuro Turaki.

It is reported that Bayushi Ogura left Ryoko Owari early the next morning.

Investigation of the Firemen

Yoritomo Kumiko in the Dragon's Maw

"Attack me, you coward!" - Yoritomo Kumiko to Yoritomo Xao

Duel at Tetsukōseki Mura; Shosuro Junnosuke vs Hiruma Kazuo

Saori and the Kenku

Akuro and the Monk

Duel at Shining Blossom; Doji Saori vs Shosuro Nyoko

Saori is "rescued" by Bayushi Airo and Kamnan.

Assault on the Shadowed Tower

Katai is killed after the tower raid.

The Murderous Court of Hantei Naseru

Bayushi Akuro is order to seek out the other cells of the Shadowed Tower. Akuro's sensei, Rokugo Tai is placed in his stead.

Golden Wolf Gaiden: Bells of the Moon

Hour of the Rooster

The village of Shaiga. Met with Tsuruchi Susumu, Govenor of Shaiga Province. Rokugo Tai visited the local dojo and met Otoya, who allowed Tai to practice inside. Hiruma Kazuo and Akodo Hitomi took the time to teach Yoritomo Xao how to play go.

The sound of deep bells are heard throughout the palace and all lights go dark. When Xao calls upon the fire kami to relight the room, Kazuo sees an apparition; a beautiful man with white hair in a flowing red kimono. The three of them meet with Saori in the halls and see another apparition, a solemn lady in white walking through the halls with a lantern. They meet outside with Tai and see a man run out of his home, chased by a spirit. The spirit is the mother of the man, soon she loses interest and walks away. Kazuo sees the white haired man again, pointing into the village. Also, a scream is heard outside the town. Xao and Tai investigate the scream, the rest follow the spirit.

Xao and Tai find a samurai-ko being chased by a large man who beats her to unconsciousness. The man is defeated by the two samurai and the woman is returned to the village.

Kazuo follows the spirit into a rice steaming room. After some investigation, Kazuo finds a katana hidden in the rice vat. It is believed to be the ancestral sword of the Hare Clan.

Asako Ryoma examines the samurai-ko and finds her spirit entrapped by another spiritual force. Lord Susumu suggests they take the samurai-ko to the monks that live on the top of the mountain.

As they leave, Kazuo sees the spirit again. He says "Follow the path".

Hour of the Dog

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