Jacob "Whispering Moon" Fransisco
Jacob "Whispering Moon" Fransisco
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Cascade Crow Lands
Salish-Shidhe Council
Date of Birth December 12, 2046
Home Seattle, UCAS
Alias -
Physical Description
Race Homo Sapien Sapien
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Height 5'8"
Weight 161 lbs
Family Information
Family Members Joaquin Francisco (father)
Helen Carter (mother)
Occupation Street Doc

Jacob "Whispering Moon" Fransisco is a spirit shaman and a street doc.


I don’t remember my father before he went through The Change. But, I do have fond recollections of him afterwards. My father had strength, and I’m talking real strength, not just how much you can pick up. Everyone knows orks are strong, but my dad was a little more special. He had the strength to admit his own guilt, when needed. He also had the strength to do anything for my mom.

They lived in London before I was born. Mom was with the corps and dad was an accountant for small businesses. They moved to Boston after my uncle died, and Mom joined the UCAS branch of Renraku. They must have either been very impressed with her or very something else, because a year later she was transferred to their arcology in Seattle. Everything was fine for a long while, until my mom got sick.

Nobody knew what it was, they said it was new, something unidentified, perhaps chemical based. Nobody knew. My dad wanted a healer brought in to see my mom, but the corp wouldn’t do it. They didn’t deal with a lot of awakened alternatives. They also wouldn’t let them seek out other help outside the arcology. They said it was fear of contamination. Yeah, contamination of their secrets.

My dad, left with no option, pulled the most reckless, and bravest, things in his life. He severed him and mom from Renraku and the city entirely with the help of friendly neighborhood shadowrunners. One of the runners had a connection with the Crow tribe and took my parents there to help with her sickness. The tribal shamans could not cure her, but they were able to keep it in check, which was way more than Renraku could, or perhaps wanted, to do.

They lived with the tribe for two years before I was born. Many people were afraid that I would be born with the sickness, but Running Bear, the tribe shaman said I was blessed by the spirits and they had protected me. I believe him.

When I was three, my dad went through goblinization. He became the father I remember, blotted skin, thick brows, and yellow tusks that stayed that color no matter how much he brushed. He may have changed on the outside, but my mom never stopped loving him. He taught me the meaning of selflessness and charity. He was the best man I have known. He was possessed of so much spirit and honor that he never even took a swing at any of the men that beat him and hung him from a tree until he stopped kicking.

My father died in 2056. Victim of a lynch mob on his way to the city to buy my mom a new dress she saw in a magazine. Two-Toothed Gator, a friend of the family, saw it all happen. The men were never brought to justice. My mom never re-married.

When I was twelve, another non-native came to the tribe. An orphan, left for dead in the wilds. It seems her parents ran afoul of a yakuza family. Her name was Cheryl Hensley, but she was renamed Raven That Cries. I was the only one she would speak to. She was a year younger than me, and we were inseparable. She opened up to the rest later on, but we always kept together. When I was sixteen, we became more than friends. We fell in love and everything was great. I was learning under Running Bear at this time and talking to the spirits. I learned to call them and to make friends with them, though I had yet to find my own totem yet. Raven learned to conjure spirits as well, but couldn’t get the hang of sorcery.

Two years later, my mother’s sickness grew much worse in a hurry and no one could hold it back this time, not even me. I was lost without her, drained from all the spells I tried to save her with. She died late at night, hallucinating that I was my dad and confessing her love to me.

I decided to leave the tribe and head to Seattle. I had no idea what I was doing, and I knew that at the time. Raven came with me even though I didn’t think it was a good idea, but I did love her and was glad for the company. In the end it was a good move to bring her along. As I was born in the tribe, I had no SIN, but she did, though she had to reactivate it because the system thought she was dead. She got us a grungy apartment and she got a job as a bookseller.

It was at this great transition in my life that my totem found me. The spirit of Raccoon has stayed with me ever since getting me in and out of trouble. Raven made contact with her own totem as well. She and Cat go together very well, I always thought.

Raven and I were together for almost ten years (on-and-off) before we finally moved apart for good. I was going to ask her to marry me, but… ah… what good is it now? Let’s just say people move apart and humans make mistakes. I have seen her occasionally since then. She moved a ways away and became a talismonger, though not a profitable one. I’ve always wanted to give her my money, but she refuses, unless she has something to give in return. My relationship with her for the past three years has been precarious, so lets just keep the terminology to ‘drug-dealer’.

Raven didn’t leave me alone, though. I had others. I was becoming something of a local celebrity thanks to my healing knack. Everyone that has come to me for help has received it and I don’t care for pay, if they have it, fine, if not, I’m not too worried about it. However, it does have other perks; Freeze, the local gang-leader never bothers me and even helps me out on occasion ever since I healed a near-fatal bullet wound on his brother. I also saved a life when I cured a stripper of a disease that would of ended her career if they found out she had it, oh, and it would have killed her too. Now that girl is a high-priced playgirl named Foxy and there is little she wouldn’t do for me. And if you’re wondering if she has, then be disappointed. She is a sweet deal, but Raven is still fresh in my memory, so I never moved on. Besides I couldn’t afford Foxy.

A little less than a year ago, something happened which may have been the single best and worst thing to happen to me. There I was, walking home from a nightclub, when a fire fight literally came running down the alley. I took cover as five runners ran past and took cover themselves. Seems they got on the wrong side of the Lone Stars. One was hurt real bad and as I have made a sort of Hippocratic Oath to myself, I healed him. Needless to say, the runners were stunned. They quickly offered creds for impromptu help and I took them through a series of turns in the alleys and allowed them to loose the Lone Stars. It was as much luck as my help, but they took me with them to see their employer and gave me a share of the salary. This is where I meet Rick, the fixer. The runners told my tale to him and he seemed impressed enough to offer me advice and future employment. I’ve meet him on occasion afterward to help me with necessary training on catting, but as of the other runners, I heard they were blanked around a month ago. It’s a sad business.

I don’t know if I’m cut out for shadowrunning. I certainly hate the corps for what they did for my mom. And I am very impressed with the money the jobs pull, but life isn’t about money. All I know is I can’t live off of healing people with no money, and I need to eat too. What else is there? Getting a SIN would be easy enough with my medical background, but the whole thought makes me too paranoid. I love the free life and I want to make the Crow proud of my works in the city. So I’ll learn to shoot and run and all those things that will send me to an earlier grave than VITAS, but I will not loose my sense of righteousness. I will not allow myself to slip into depravity.

Fighting the good fight; This one’s for you, dad.




Running Bear

Crow Tribe Shaman 4 / 2

Running Bear was like a second father to me. He taught me about the spirits and the old ways of the tribe. I learned to track and hunt animals, to learn the language of nature and so forth. All the things only Indians would know.

He’s getting old in his age now, but he still knows a thing or two. The tribe looks up to him and he always had a soft spot for me and my mom.

Raven That Cries

Talismonger 2 / 1

Always complicated is my relationship to one of the most important people in my life. She is angry at me at best, but likes my money enough to sell me green when I want it. She is a conjurer adept and her totem is Cat, which means she has no shortage of trouble or excitement.

Raven has holed herself up in a hole-in-the-wall talismonger store where she also sells books and all kinds of antiques and what-not. She’s kind when she wants to be and always helps the unfortunate.

Foxy Chacolat

High-priced Playgirl 5 / 4

Little did anyone know that the young, not-so-innocent stripper would end up being one of the most highly paid playgirls in Seattle? I certainly didn’t when I found her trying to kill herself in an alleyway. I helped her get rid of the disease and the baby, and now she says I was sent from heaven.

She may be paid by the night, but she is nothing but funny, sweet and everything that a man would want from a woman. It’s a real shame about her chosen occupation. She’s too smart for it, I keep telling her, but she just laughs and shakes her head and thanks me for thinking about her.


Gang Leader 3 / 3

Once I saved his brother’s life, I’ve never been bothered by anyone again. There is never graffiti on my door, or things stolen from my apartment. This is true evidence of karma, says I. But since Freeze runs the local blocks, I guess powerful friends also help.

Freeze not only is grateful for my help on his brother, but also finds me to be an entertaining host and guest. He always seems to appreciate me company and may, in fact, find my jokes a bit too funny. As long as he has a gun on him, I don’t question him.


Fixer 1 / 5

Rick is my connection to the shadows. He seemed impressed with my abilities with one of his former shadow running teams and has kept his (sometimes creepy) eye on me ever since.

Rick has a no nonsense way about him. He lends me no special favors, but it seems like he is a bit too interested in me. He has been calling me with jobs every so often and I eventually will have to pick one up, if not to keep him from being angry.

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