Iuchi Yuán-Zhěn
Iuchi Yuán-Zhěn
Biographical Information
Born -
Home -
Titles -
Family Information
Parents -
Siblings (sister)
Extended -
Betrothed -
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height -
Weight -
Hair Color -
Eye Color Brown
Clan Unicorn
School Moto Bushi
Baraunghar Warrior

Iuchi Yuan-Zhen was a member of the Baraunghar army of the Unicorn Clan before he joined the Guardians of the Wolf. After the recruitment of Asako Ryoma, Yuan-Zhen took up the post of the Asako's yojimbo.

He is well versed in fighting with a spear, though he prefers playing his flute or writing poetry. He is attempting to write a play based on his adventures.

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