Isawa Masumi 伊沢知美
Isawa Masumi
Biographical Information
Born (age 19)
Home Shiro Shiba
Titles -
Family Information
Parents Isawa Tanaka (father)
Isawa Shiori (mother)
Siblings Isawa Tatsuya (brother)
Extended Isawa Jiji (uncle)
Shiba Tetsuo (cousin)
Isawa Masaki (grandfather)
Betrothed Shiba Tetsuo
Allies Hida Ryōshi
Ide Tamiko
Kitsuki Ryuken
Shiba Tetsuo
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5'5"
Weight 105 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Clan Phoenix
School Isawa Shugenja

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"Death is an old friend of mine."

Isawa Masumi (born as Isawa Kiku) is a Phoenix shugenja. She is powerful and utterly insane in the same time, a very complex combo for such a gorgeous psycho. She would immolate her own allies in an instant if that what it takes to incinerate her enemies. She is emotionally dead and fire is her only connection to warmth in the world, truly the ultimate pyromaniac.


Early life (Age Birth-8)

-Shugenja is preseant at birth and divines the element the child will specialize in.
Isawa Kiku was born to her mother, Shiori and her father, Tanaka in Kyuden Isawa. They were part of the Atarashīkenkō, a small cult dedicated to uncovering new methods of medicine. When Kiku was sick as a child, they experimented on her. The ordeal was horrifying, but it kept the sickness from killing her. However, it never cured the sickness either, only allowing it to stagnate in her.

  • Hook: The shugenja that oversaw her birth may still be keeping tabs on her due to the alarming omen. He may still be a shugenja, or may have retired to monkhood due to his injuries.

Death of Parents (Age 8-10)

-Marriage is performed by the same sugenja that served as match-maker. Match making is done around age 8.
Kiku's parents were discovered in their deeds and were allowed to commit sepukku. Kiku went to live with her uncle, Isawa Jiji in Shiro Shiba. Jiji was a kind man only in public. In private, he abused Kiku for many years.

  • Hook: Not all of the Atarashīkenkō members were brought to justice. Some may come around looking for their lost experiment.

Training at Gisei Toshi (Age 10-13)

  • Hook: The Phoenix Clan assumes Masumi forgot the location of the city, as well as the details of her time there. This is not the case. When she left, she was shrouded by knowledgeable fire kami who allowed her to retain this information. She has no intention on spilling any secrets… yet.

Gempukku and Death of Uncle (Age 13-15)

-Dojo Master and head student both oversee gempukku
After her gempukku, Masumi returned to Shiro Shiba to once again live with her uncle.

  • Hook: Masumi never saw Jiji actually die in the house, though she is convinced he is dead. The fire kami wouldn't lie to her, would they?

Romance and Death of Tashiro (Age 15-17)

Sodona Tashiro was killed by Yoritomo Genshiken, a Yoritomo shugenja.

  • Hook: Genshiken doesn't know that the timid and scared girl he saw is now conspiring his demise. It looks like he has some bad fortune heading his way sometime soon.
  • Hook: The family of Tashiro were encouraging the romance between their son and Masumi, a prominent Isawa. The death of their son, coupled with the dashing of their hopes of increased fortune may make them jealous of any other person in a position of romance with Masumi.
Sodona Tashiro

Downward Spiral (Age 17-19)


  • Went to Otosan Uchi for Winter Court with Tetsuo. An Otomo met us briefly at a tea shop and gave us a scroll hiring us as imperial tax collectors.
  • Our first stop is at Lost Fire Village.
  • Temple of the elements with a girl tending to it.
  • Met with the Lord Akodo, he told us he'll gather the tax records and call us when they're prepared.
  • Stay at the home of Isawa Reishiko. Her personal servant is named Saori.
  • Gain two scrolls, Evil Ward and Immortal Steel.
  • No fire kami in the village.
  • Investigate.
  • Summon a kansen

Appearance and Personality

-Death is another step in the kharmic wheel.
-We are more powerful than the gods
-Fire kami are destructive and wise, quick and irratable. They have short life spans and seek ego and power.


Powers and Abilities

Fire Shugenja

Fire Kami


Masumi suffers from Kikanshien, a lung disease, as well as Ikaiyō, a stomach condition. Her family has a history of madness and suicide. Masumi's sicknesses is emotionally debilitating to her. No shugenja, monk or doctor has been able to provide a cure. She suffers from an acute self-consciousness and has developed a poor body image, due to her low body weight; which was primarily due to malnourishment caused by her stomach condition, poor diet, or a combination of both.

She was first exposed to opium at age 11, given to her by a monk in order to lessen her pain. She used opium sporadically for several years, but, by age 15, her use developed into a full-fledged addiction. Masumi claimed that she was determined to get a habit as a way to self-medicate her stomach condition.

Notable Ancestors and Family Members


Isawa Masaki

Masumi's paternal grandfather, Masaki was a famed bushi, schooled in the Shiba Bushi school and acted as part of an honor guard to the Shiba Daimyo.

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