I am a Diruk Glaive who Rides the Lightning

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I am a Diruk Glaive who Rides the Lightning

Might (Edge: 3)

Speed (Edge: 1)
Intellect (Edge: 0)

Trained in carrying and smashing things
Inability at all Speed tasks
Inability at tasks involving interacting with others in a pleasant manner
Inability at initiative tasks
Inability at running tasks
Inability at swimming tasks
Training in one of: Balancing, Climbing, Jumping, Swimming


Stone Body: Wearing armour on top of your natural +3 grants no benefits
Practiced in Armor
Practiced With All Weapons
Two abilities from the following: Bash, No Need For Weapons, Pierce, Thrust, Trained Without Armour, Danger Sense, Fleet of Foot, Goad, Muscles of Iron, Opportunist, Overwatch, Quick Draw, Surging Confidence
Electrical esoteries: esoteries performed take on an electrical effect and appearance


Two weapons (or one weapon and a shield)
Light or medium armor
An explorer’s pack
Two cyphers (chosen for you by the GM)
One oddity (chosen for you by the GM)
A bag of misc power cells

Other Details

You always add +3 to your armour rating.
Pick a PC. You are long-time friends and you can bring them with you when using Bolt Rider or Electrical Flight
You have 5 shins to spend.
You can bear up to 2 cyphers.


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Rides the Lightning
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