Elizabeth Dunn
Biographical Information
Location of Birth -
Date of Birth (Age 16)
Home -
Physical Description
Race Human. Mutant
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Family Information
Family Members (Brother)

Elizabeth Dunn is a mutant with the ability to change parts of her mammalian DNA to that of a reptile. She is a tomboy who is searching for her lost older brother who she believes is part of a experimental project. Due to her time as an experiment, she has had no opportunity to learn normal social graces and as such is still a virgin.

She prefers straight on fights in the manner of duels to the use of guns, weapons or sneak attacks.

Her codename is Hydra.


Early Years


Powers and Abilities

Hydra can transform parts of her body into those of a large reptile. This includes her arms up to her elbows, her eyes, her tongue, and areas of her skin. While in this state, she is many times stronger than a normal human. She also possesses small "pits" under her eyes that allow her to sense heat, as well as an ability to use her tongue to sense smalls from far away when transformed. When transformed, the insides of her large clawed hands have a sticky center, allowing her to climb walls with ease.

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