Greek Myth Timeline

Timeline of Myths

The Heroic Age or Second Brazen Age

  • 1322; Perseus kills medusa
  • 1286; Hercules born
  • 1271; Oedepus kills Laius the king of Thebes and marries his own mother Iocasta
  • 1258-1246; The Labours of Herakles take place while Eurestheus is king of Mycenae.
  • 1252; Theseus kills the Minotaur at the centre of the Labyrinth built by Daedelus.
  • 1246; The 4 month long voyage of Jason and the Argonauts
  • 1245; Orpheus tries to rescue Euridice from Hades
  • 1243; Herakles sacks Troy and puts young Priam on the throne.

1225-1103 BC The Hellenic Wars

  • 1225; The 7 against Thebes
  • 1201; Helen is abducted by Paris
  • 1191-1182; Trojan War
  • 1181-1171; The Odyssey
  • 1174-1172 Orestes is pursued by the Erinnyes

Spartan Archaic Age

  • 880 Homer writes his poems.
  • 683 Creon is first yearly Archon of Athens

Athenian Classical Age

  • 490 The Persians are defeated at the Battle of Marathon
  • 447 The Parthenon is built
  • 399 Socrates is sentenced to death
  • 338 Phillip II conquers Greece

Hellenistic Age

  • 336 Phillip II is assassinated and Alexander III succeeds to the throne and begins his conquest of Persia
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