Garret Van Cleef
Garret Van Cleef
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Stormwind City
Date of Birth Year 12
Home Moonbrook, Westfall
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Family Information
Family Members Gerard (Father)
Magda (Mother)
Elbert (Uncle)
Edwin (Cousin)
Occupation Ambassador
Loyalty Defias Brotherhood

Garret Van Cleef is the cousin to Edwin Van Cleef and a Captain of the Defias Brotherhood. He leads the band known as the Darkstrikers.


Early Life

Garret Van Cleef was born in the reforming Stormwind City in year 12. His parents are Gerard and Magda Van Cleef. His uncle was Elbert Van Cleef, father of Edwin.

Garret's father belonged to the Stonemason's Guild who were rebuilding Stormwind City. However, when Garret was only 5 years old, the Stonemason's Guild rioted in the city in response to the refusal of their pension. The Stormwind Guard, attempting the quell the violence, killed Gerard. The city forced the guild members and their families out of the city.

After which, most of the guild members moved to Goldshire and Edwin began the formation of the Defias Brotherhood. Soon, the Stormwind Guard chased them out of Goldshire and the Brotherhood moved to the town of Moonbrook in Westfall.


During the next years, Edwin taught young Garret engineering, architecture and mechanical design. The Brotherhood grew rapidly and Garret saw the forging of alliances with gnolls, goblins, murlocs and nobles. Garret was officially brought into the Brotherhood with the tattooing of the Sword and Cog on his right hand and forged lasting friendships with many of the Defias captains. The talented sneak Jac Northshire taught Garret the tricks of the thieving trade. And soon, Garret formed a romance with the lovely and deadly Marisa du'Paige.

Garret was put under the tutelage of Hartargan Stark, master tinker and information specialist. With Captain Stark, Garret learned the arts of negotiation and political savvy. Soon Garret was deemed ready to lead a band of his own, the Darkstrikers.

The life Garret was going to live changed drastically when Edwin needed an envoy to journey to Silverpine Forest to meet with the Forsaken. Captain Stark was away on a mission to Strangethorn Vale and Garret eagerly volunteered for this task. Though Edwin had his reservations of giving such a mission to the young rogue, Garret convinced him that he could handle the job.


Garret and a few of the Darkstrikers met with an envoy of the Forsaken in Silverpine Forest, however a squad of Stormwind Guardsmen attacked the group to disrupt the meeting. Out of the Darkstrikers, only the bandit Chex survived along with Garret.

Garret and Chex traveled with the Forsaken to Undercity to deliver a scroll to Lady Sylvanas Windrunner. While there, Chex was diagnosed with the plague.


Technological weaponry (smoke bombs, grapple-hook gun)
Diplomatic Relations Expert - The student of the mastermind behind the Goblin, Kobold and Gnoll alliances.

Klaven Mortwake, the insane wizard, is attempting to study the plague. He may have been the reason for the alliance with the forsaken.

Sent to get alliance of the Forsaken to kidnap King Varian while on route to see Jaina Proudmore.

“Expect the attack to happen a few miles from their destination. That's where our “allies” will be laid in waiting. I'm not sure why we've been forced to form an alliance with the creatures, but I can't help but feel we're being coerced ourselves. Ultimately, it won't matter. With the target in our custody, we'll be well on our way to taking back Stormwind from those that stole it from us!” - Edwin Van Cleef

However, once the king was taken, the defias ship was attacked by Naga and the king captured.

Defias goals
Destroy House of Nobles
Gain money (+ interest) for job done

Defias Allies
Lord Gregor Lescovar
Bloodsail Pirates
Riverpaw Gnolls

Defias being controlled by Katrana Prestor?

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