Gamm Gry
Gamm Gry
Biographical Information
Homeworld Naboo
Born 35 BBY (44 years old)
Physical Description
Species Gungan
Gender Male
Eye Color Green
Skin Color Purple
Family Information
Family Members ?
Chronological and political information
Affiliations ?

Gamm Gry is a gungan gunslinger. He is 45 years old in the New Republic Era.

Companion TZ-M1


Raised in city where parents moved to be merchants. Mother got sick and father couldn't afford medicine. 1 younger brother. Couldn't make any money. Lost home.

Was sold as slave in Keren by his failed merchant father. Brother was sold to someone else.

Sold to a Hutt. Liked the fight in Gamm. Became mentor. Worked as a thief and an enforcer. Mentor grew close, but was still abusive.

4 random life events


20,000 towards ship

Appearance and personality

Smokes and drinks

cyberware - perhaps a metal plate or binding on his face

left arm is cybernetic.

Has arthritis

longer whiskers

burs on hands and arms from being tortured with an acid slug

Powers and abilities


18 Dex
14 Str
12 Cha
10 Int
12 Con
9 Wis

+2 Reflex species bonus

Scoundrel 1
HP 19
Skills 4
Knowledge: Galactic Lore
Force Points 5*
Reflex +2 class bonus
Will +1 class bonus
Point Bank Shot
WP Pistols
WP Simple
Talent: Dastardly Strike

Scout 1
HP 5
Fortitude +1 class bonus
Reflex +2 class bonus
Defense does not stack
Shake it off* (requires 13 con and endurance skill)
Talent: Evasion

Soldier 5
HP 41
+1 Reflex class bonus
+2 Fortitude class bonus
WP Rifles
Defense does not stack
Talent: Devistating Attack
Feat: Dual Weapon Mastery I
Talent: Weapon Specialization
Feat: Precise Shot
Talent: Penetrating Attack

Weapon Focus (Pistol)
Rapid Fire
Quick Draw

Heavy Blaster (x2)
Sensor Pack
Credit chip
Commlink (Short range)
Utlity Belt
Hip Holster
Targeting scope
Credits 870

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