East Hub Village
East Hub Village
Aliases -
Size Village
Location Otosan Province, Imperial Lands
Population -
Exports -
Political Informaton
Governor Seppun Nakashima
Emerald Magistrate Seppun Hasu

Mura Higashi Chushin (村東中心; East Hub Village) is one of the Hub Villages surrounding Otosan Uchi in Rokugan. It lies on the Bay of the Golden Sun.

East Hub Village is notorious as a town heavily populated by ronin and mercenaries, usually looking for employment by the samurai visiting the Imperial city. East Hub is the smallest of the four towns, and most activity centers around a large teahouse called the House of the Green Koi – founded by an Imperial Herald – and a neighboring sake house called the Crimson Blossom. Once the Tortoise Clan comes into existence, it maintains a nominal presence within the village and hires a ronin otokodate called the East Wind to protect its assets. After the fall of Otosan Uchi, the East Wind tries to protect the town as best it can on its own, eventually gaining patronage from the Unicorn Clan for this purpose. Later in the twelfth century, the Mantis Clan is granted control of the town’s port; they use it, among other things, to bring in the supplies for building their semi-secret holding called Houritsu Mura.


Majokari Riots

425; Due to magistrates hunting down conspirators and rumors of maho-tsukai.

Arrival of the Gaijin



Important Figures

  • Gokenin
  • Abbot
  • Dockmaster
  • Magistrate
  • Daidoji lord
  • Manstis lord
  • Four Beauties of East Hub
  • Yakuza Oyabun


Districts include:

  • Oshie-chō; north, merchants
  • Dengon-chō; central, nobles
  • Fuan-chō; mid south, peasants
  • Shōen-chō; pleasure district
  • Ika-chō; south docks, workers
  • Dōwa Chiku; the eta village to the west.



  • Golden Lion (Kumoi Shishi); Expensive tea house
  • stables
  • bonsai trees
  • lacquerware
  • storehouse
  • noble estate
  • armorer
  • swordmaker
  • Kosou Teahouse; relaxing teahouse
  • fruits and vegetables
  • lumber yard
  • carpenter
  • East Hub Brewery
  • tattoo artist
  • livestock


Mostly noble and merchant homes

  • Tenguiwa Estates; Tengu Rock Estates. Claimed by the Daidoji.
  • Temple
  • Dojo
  • Shining Lady Inn (Goddess' Beauty), large and renowned inn
  • outdoor bazaar
  • bathhouse
  • estate


Mostly peasant homes

  • Shiro Akaiyoake; Red Dawn Castle. Claimed by the Seppun.
  • Migiwa Estates; Water's Edge Estates. Claimed by the Yasuki.
  • Teitaku Inn (Goyaku); old but poor inn.
  • Monk home
  • Headman
  • small tea house
  • rice storage
  • run down geisha house
  • large inn
  • simple and cozy teahouse
  • posh teahouse
  • yoriki station
  • livestock pens
  • herbalist
  • painter
  • dry goods storage
  • monk
  • fire damage
  • Order of Jurujin's Blessing


  • opium den
  • teahouse
  • geisha house
  • brothel
  • sake house


  • metalworkers
  • storehouse
  • fishmonger
  • sushi shop
  • blacksmith
  • sake house
  • weaver
  • tattoo artist
  • paperer
  • cobbler
  • Shrine to Suitengu
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