Doji Saori 努自沙織
Doji Saori
Biographical Information
Born 1141 IC
Home Kyuden Doji
Titles -
Family Information
Parents Doji Suushi (former Asahina)
Doji Ryoko (Doji Magistrate)
Siblings Doji Tadako (courtier),
Kakita Umeko (kakita artisan wife),
Doji Jotaro (duelist)
Extended Doji Oruku † (uncle)
Doji Rei † (aunt)
Doji Hiko † (cousin)
Doji Seko † (cousin)
Doji Hideo † (maternal grandfather)
Betrothed Katai Muroto
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 4'10"
Weight 96 lbs
Hair Color Black, with a white stripe
Eye Color Brown
Clan Crane
School Doji Courtier

Doji Saori is a Crane Clan courtier. She is notable for her illustrious family heritage. She wields the Kakita blade Misfortune's Edge.

She is a member of the Doji Line of Hideo. This family line has been in a blood feud with the Shosuro Line of Michio, of which the last member is the gaijin assassin, Shosuro Nyoko.


Night of Living Shadows

Duel on Moon Beach

Funeral for a wedding

Meeting Kozue during the Moon of Madness

Second refusal of Kozue's gift

Duel at Shining Blossom

NPC Connections



  • Nemuranai: You have inheirited a nemuranai. You have no clue as to the item's potential, it has been in your family for generations. Keep it on you, always.
  • Battle at Kyuden Kitsune: Ancestor fought at this battle. Gain Lore: Ninja, add 1 rank to Glory and gain an enemy in the Fox Clan.
  • Powerful Enemy: Ancestor slew a powerful enemy from the Scorpion Clan. Gain 1 glory rank, a nemesis from the Scorpion and Lore: Scorpion.


Night and day combine.
A smile lost from the divine light.
Eyes of the soul shine.

Five rings bind as one.
Eight noble hearts together.
Enlightenment comes.

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