Dawn of Defiance

Dawn of Defiance is the tale of a group of rebels fighting against the empire in 15 BBY (four years after Revenge of the Sith).

Table of Contents


Dazari - Female Ubese Scoundrel

  • Destiny: Champion

Enigma 6 - Independent Droid Soldier

  • Destiny: Redemption

Jole Silver - Male Human Scout

  • Destiny:

Tanyis - Male Human Jedi

  • Destiny: Discovery

Ceralla Vena - Female Miraluka Jedi

  • Destiny: Rescue


Episode I: The Traitor's Gambit


- Note on Jensaarai: No varient rules. The order is based on a flawed philosophy. They gain dark side points just like the rest of force users. The Saarai-kaar believes in the philosophy whole-heartedly, but Tyris did fall to the dark side. None of the Jensaarai even fully understand the philosophy, though their dedication to it is unmistakable. The manuscript tells that one can create balance between the dark and light sides, but does not say how.
Also, they believe the Jedi to be corrupt and tyrannical, slaying all who do not subscribe to their ways.
Perhaps add a sub-adventure for the Jedi uncovering the truth of the philosophy and making his own decision of which tradition to adhere to.
Another sub-adventure for the jedi is finding a totem animal to form his armor after.

- Note on Stormtroopers: Don't use them until they are more appropriate. Such as in the climax of an adventure or when a fight is meant to be challenging or harrowing. Replace inappropriate encounters with CompForce units (higher CL than party), or imperial army and navy units (lower CL than party).

- Have the Banshee come out of hyperdrive in an Ion storm over Felucia. Do a skill challenge to save as much of the ship as they can. Keep the Star Destroyer there, though.

- When they begin exploring Felucia, mention a scene where Captain Okeefe tries to communicate with the party, but can't because of the mushroom chemical interference.

- The "Felucian Hospitality" encounter will have clues demonstrating that the natives might be friendly. The scout trooper armor will be hung on posts in the immediate area.

- The kybuck chase will begin with the players spotting or hearing the clogged swoop engine stall, thereby giving them enough time to get to the kybucks and begin pursuit, while the scout trooper tries to fix his ride. I'll also add smoke to the chase to represent the decrepit state of the bike. The trooper's reduced hp will be explained by the obvious state of his armor - he's been in a fight with local fauna.

- Have another scout join the chase mid-way so the party can defeat one without a deus-ex-machina bringing another scout in.

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