DarkWorld is a campaign for CthulhuTech.

Earth has lost contact with the colony of Titan and any probe they send looses control and contact. They need to send a team of Delta Green agents for visual recon.


  • Radio and other ranged communications are down
  • Titan has .5g; Movement and jump distance are doubled and lifting strength is doubled.
  • Fertility on the moon has begun to drop. Someone found the DNA of a shubbie and mixed it with haos. This mixture was sold as a fertility drug and somehow caused the Demis to appear
  • Demi - a hulking humanoid that wishes only to feed and mate.
  • Due to the micro gravity, citizens have to take a daily pill to make sure their bones don't deteriorate.
  • Project: Zeus was responsible of the terraforming. Each mega-city has an Olympus Tower, which creates heat and light. The terraforming also turned the seas of methane into haos.
  • The sky is light urine-yellow and the air always smells sweet.
  • It is a luxury colony, filled with vacation spots.


  • Fertility and birth
  • Shub Niggurath
  • Haos (pronounced House) is a chemical found only on Titan made of h4o2. It is used for both nutrition and fuel for machines.
  • Light and Dark
  • Eibon, the Immortal Wizard
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