Darhk City

The concept is that some scientists found new source of energy by transporting atoms back and forth between dimensions. However, when trying to harness this energy, it lead to a massive emp wave of energy that, while didn't cause any physical damage, had some serious side effects. One of those side effects is the appearance of super-powered people.

Superhero team name New Force?

What is the "mission" of the team?

Emerald City

Darhk city stats


Three Years Ago…

Three years prior to the story Dr. David Darhk discovered the Darhkworld, a dimension which contains vast amounts of energy, and was tricked by the an evil organization into building "the Energy Well", a means of harvesting this energy, to reach a sinister goal. However, when the well was opened it created a massive power surge which caused a global blackout for twenty-four hours, killing thousands and causing many people to develop super-powers. During this time of crisis, a villainous force rose in a power grab, but was defeated by Doctor Horus a famous super-hero, who disappeared afterwards.

Dr. Darhk is changed in the experiment and now is a conduit for a powerful demonic entity imprisoned in the Darhkworld. The doctor goes back and forth between his personalities. The doctor can also see into the Darhkworld.


Various factions wish to build a second energy well as they believe the disaster of the first well can be avoided and the energy of the Darhkworld may be harnessed to change the world.

Prof Nguyen wants to stop the alien invasion and save the world. He wants to find and mentor the superheros to be his minions to not only fight for him, but to earn their trust and allow him to rise to domination afterward.

He has built a computer with a giant screen that can detect bursts of Darhk Energy. He uses this machine to detect the usage of superpowers, to find villains for his heroes to fight, or allies to join the team.

Figure out villain power levels and when to introduce them. Think of set pieces for the battles.

As the game progresses, Prof. Nguyen talks about the I CHing and about the flows of energy, not unlike what weterners call Ley Lines. The energy well has changed these energies into four rivers of equal angles leading to small nexi. These are the Eight Demon Gates. They must be closed.


Run each individual hero through maybe 5 episodes of crime fighting so they can establish themselves and figure out who they specialize in fighting. Start small with crooks, then one of the mobs get involved. Eventually a villain or two. Most likely the hero will create their own arch-nemesis. Sprinkle in some connections to an evil organization that the villains or mob are working for.

  • Xstro
  • Cortex
  • Soundwave
  • april-fool
  • Assault and Battery
  • Hero 1 nemesis
  • Hero 2 Nemesis
  • help a new hero
  • Hero 3 Nemesis
  • Villain team
  • Invasion of the Warmongers
  • villain organization
  • help new hero
  • Nemesis of one of the heroes again
  • villain organization
  • villain born from the consequences of the heroes - new group nemesis
  • villain team
  • Alien invasion full swing - all previous villains escape


  • Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes
  • TMNT 2003
  • Spider-Man (Playstation)


The Talisman

the number ten spot has a net value of 1 billion. Which is the amount that the Kardashians have.

Well the idea is Batman, but with magical items and artifacts in place of high tech gadgets. Hed still be rich, be peak physically fit, know marital arts, ect. Only instead of a armored bat suit he has magical armor or protective cloak. Instead of baterangs he has magic shooting rings or wands. Instead of X ray goggles he has a magical gem or mummy's eye. You get the idea.

In my guys case it's more like he has a lot of items, just each has a specific, limited function, like how most tech based heroes work, just with magic.

ok. and your dude was an archealogist? Yup. It's how he gets ahold of all these different magic items, through various expeditions. I'll go for a balance of combat and utility items.

Did the darhk wave "awaken" these items? if not, were there other items that were awakened? Maybe a giant sphinx statue that gain sentience and john can use for information.

One of the ideas I have is that he's going after magical artifiacts to secure them from evildoers who'd use them for no good, but some of these magic items are very powerful and dangerous. So much so that my character just seals them away and doesn't use them. But they could also be a temptation, like if he faces a powerful villain who's threatening the world, maybe my character will be tempted to unseal one of the "dangerous" artifacts that he otherwise wouldn't let himself think of using.

From the family that was the founders of the city?

The Shambler

I would want to play something akin to swamp thing, a plant-controller/user, one connected to the natural world. Can change between human and plant form. Biochemist.

Something forces the change, maybe known, maybe unknown o.o - The crystal Viridian. The crystal creates strange mutations in plant life that grows around it, causing it to grow aberrant, poisonous and jagged. When the crustal gets too close to the hero, it causes pain and causes his form to "glitch" or otherwise react violently. A violent allergy to the radiation. If he gets too close too much, the plant side of him takes control, transforms into a bigger stronger version and goes berserk.

If most of his villains do not originate from Darhk Energy, he should have a plant-sense or a life-sense that will serve like spider-sense to warn of danger. And then that will be subverted with enemies that are shrouded with death, which won't ping that sense.


For certain special episodes, members of the Rogues Gallery may team up against the heroes, forming a Legion of Doom. Just as often they'll fight each other. If the hero helps one enemy or group of enemies against another in such a setup, it's Enemy Mine. However large and varied the Rogues Gallery, it will usually contain at least one villain who is considered to be the hero's Arch-Enemy. There is also a good chance that it will contain an Evil Counterpart (who may or may not be the same person as the Arch-Enemy). In order to allow the heroes to sometimes win against the rogues but still leave the villains available for re-use, the prison that they're put in will often be incredibly easy to escape from, or they'll feign having reformed so that they get allowed out, or they'll genuinely seek to reform and get allowed out, then revert to their old obsessions.

It is also common for a hero's Rogues Gallery to have some kind of unifying theme that either reflects or contrasts with the personality, powers and/or origin of the hero himself. For example, most of Spider-Man's enemies gained their powers through scientific mishaps, and many use animal motifs in their names and costumes. Conversely, Batman's array of brightly-colored lunatics falls squarely into the "contrasts with" category, with a smattering of reflection given Batman's own borderline personality - but it's also composed mostly of Badass Normals like Bats himself.

The more powerful villains have henchmen that share their theme and are drawn to the villains cult of personality (even if the villain doesnt really have one).

For some easy villain ideas, find out what each hero's gimmick is - then find a forgotten 80s cartoon similar to that and take the villains from it.

Group 1

  • Professor Nguyen; male asian from the future, wants to stop alien invasion to pave the way for his own world domination. Super genius and kung fu master. Immortal, may be the legendary inventor of kung fu. From the far future, and traveled to the far past. Goes by Prof. Quentin Nguyen.
  • Warmonger; massive robot with wicked jaws
  • Lord Deimos; male former emperor of Mars, battle suit that has jet pack and tech that summons fear.
  • Captain Katz; female space commander, smuggler, cat-like

Group 2

  • Smoker; male controls noxious smoke; maybe has alternate form. smoke bombs
  • Flytrap; male plant controller. Has plants growing out of him. vine whip
  • The Tortoise; male giant battle suit
  • Hellfire; female asian pyrokineticist dragon aesthetic
  • Snake Charmer; hypnotic suggestion and charm. Snake pets. snake theme.

Group 3

  • Assault; male large super strength and toughness. Dumb
  • Battery; male, small, enhances other supers nearby. Smart

Group 4 - Skull Gang

  • Skull-Woman; skeleton themed; doctor, surgeon, revenge driven, serial killer style, ripper, super genius; builds skele-bots
  • Skull-Man; power suit with jet pack

John's character's villains

  • doctor-sin; a greedy treasure hunter and nemesis to John's character. Similar to Beloch crossed with Ra's Al ghul or Lex Luthor. A mastermind character. super genius. Xanatos style. Mummy minions? Found the original Book of the Dead? Egyptian necromancer?
  • Black Queen; an ancient mummy awakened by the tomb raiding of Dr. Sin. The mummy wants revenge on those who invaded its tomb. Also may just want to recreate a new dynasty of ancient egypt in this city.
  • Dr. Reptilian; biochemist who thinks the next evolution is for humanity to take on reptilian traits. create super-soldier
  • The Monolith; rare disease that turns his bones to stone; obsessed with gems; wealthy businessman; african american; beleives the cure for his disease can be found in a rare crystal. Discovered a rare crystal that can act as a power source for ultra-tech devices. He is actually the man fated to discover Viridian crystals, the key to Prof. Nguyen's tech.
  • Dreadnaught; paramilitary mercenary leader for hire who owns a helo-carrier and a private army. cross between Nick Fury and Deathstrike. Old Man, but still capable. Has daughter with a catsuit like Baroness.
  • Mechinax; An elite soldier who died in an explosion but was brought back via cyborg parts. He hates his existance and wants revenge on those who brought him back. Hates all humanity. an evil robo-cop meets DC cyborg.
  • a henchman of another villain who was experimented on to become an exact double of John's character. A little of Hush, a little of Agent 33 from Shield
  • an indian diplomat in the city who uses his influence to do crime and corruption.
  • Hexehammer - witch hunter
  • Arcanix - magical thief; rename to the Talismonger?
  • King Babylon - magical world domination

Nic's character's villains

  • Floro-kill
  • Flytrap; male plant controller. Has plants growing out of him. vine whip
  • greedy billionare who cares nothing for polluting the environment. Tech guy, makes cyborgs, may have cyborg parts himself. He tries his hand in most things - illegal hunting and poaching, deforestation, habitat destruction, and nefarious exploitation of technology. has a main henchman who is a mercenary from latin america. will try to use biotech to lengthen his life.
  • Tribal - ranger / hermit / prepper, someone who has mastered nature, the ultimate survivor.
  • represents the evils and consequences of war, corruption, abuse of power, and hatred. weapons contractor running for mayor. Obediah Stane type. retired general. worked with government agencies, and used the cruelest of methods to prosper in the business world.
  • Redwood - an embodyment of nature's wrath - takes it way too far. a giant of wood and other natural materials. Groot and Sandman style. Evil, wants to kill all humanity. happy to kill innocents in order to fulfill goals
  • Junkpile - a master of the UN-natural. power over the domain of death and actually brings along with him armies of the dead. an elemental force? a plant version of ganon?
  • Dakuwanga - giant monster-man animal human hybrid. Killer croc or Man Bat style. venomous? Gila?
  • The Fear - homeless man whose touch brings death and decay. created in an experiment from greedy billionare. Since his powers are not from Darhk Energy, he cannot be tracked by the computer.
  • Hellfire; female asian pyrokineticist dragon aesthetic
  • Gecko-Man; sticks to walls, long tongue, maybe change color. wears suit?
  • Dragonfly; kinda like vulture and scorpion. mechanized suit with wings.
  • Maiden Frost; japanese girl named yuki. based on yuki onna. Was killed by husband, left in the winter, did not die, when darhk wave hit, was given ice powers. revenge on all men. femme fatale. white queen and poison ivy.
  • poison


  • Xstro; NASA astronaut returned from the dead; can create areas of vacuum.
  • Demon king in other dimension
  • demon king avatar kaiju
  • Livewire; electric powers
  • Father Time; male withered old man in cloak, time manipulation
  • Obscura; former painter, art thief, can become 2 dimensional.
  • Twilight; female black skinned, darkness manipulation, psycho, chaotic, genius, former philanthropist chemist, tony stark turned joker
  • Arachne; female, white haired controls spiders.
  • Motor-psycho; evil sentient motorcycle with guns.
  • No Face
  • Megalodon
  • evil cajun with pair of crocs
  • Bad Horse
  • Fake Thomas Jefferson
  • Taffy-Man; a devious stretcher type character. plastic powers.
  • Soundwave; female, rock and roller with guitar, can change sound into concussive force.
  • Hydra; female transforms into lizard features. experiment.
  • Normal dude with a gun that shoots darts of mind control drugs - may become infused with the drug and become like Killgrave or become insane.
  • A group of intelligent and psychic, teleporting boars from chernobyl.
  • Cortex; An african american scientist who worked with David Darhk, begins to get telekinetic powers. His brain and head begin growing as he rampages. He soon resembles a floating brain. After his defeat, he merely take son the form of pure energy and disappates. Later, he is able to possess others of high intelligence and continue his evil schemes.
  • Killshot
  • Kid Video
  • Witch Hat; charming leader of a gang. does slight of hand? Or she pulls things out of her hat? pet rat or cat? very batman villain style

19 top villains

  • Cool, lawful evil, leader of bad guys. Motivated by Justice
  • Crazy chaos, genius, motivated by revenge and insanity
  • Lawful evil genius with armor, motivated by power
  • lawful evil politician and genius, motivated by power
  • powerful alien entitiy set to destroy world. elemental
  • powerful alien overlord. motivated by power
  • immortal ninja, motivated by justice.
  • trickster, magical, motivated by revenge
  • corrupting cosmic force
  • crime boss genius, motivated by money
  • fancy burgler, motivated by money and prestige
  • gimick villain, mobster, motivated by money
  • insane tech genius with tech tools and gadgets. tech suit. motivated by revenge.
  • leader of evil organization, motivated by power, world domination
  • blackguard, motivated by justice
  • evil AI, misinterpretting last programming
  • sexy assassin
  • huge unstobbable brute
  • master assassin

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes villain order

  • Graviton
  • Enchantress
  • Armin Zola, Doughboy, Baron Zemo
  • Wonderman, MODOK
  • Klaw, Man-Ape, HYDRA
  • Leader, Abomination, Absorbing Man
  • Masters of Evil
  • Kree
  • Kang the Conqueror
  • Malekith
  • AIM and HYDRA
  • Ultron
  • Masters of Evil
  • Hela
  • Loki

Flash villain order

  • Weather Wizard
  • Captain Clone
  • Mist
  • Captain Cold
  • Plastique
  • Girder
  • Blackout
  • Rainbow Raider
  • Reverse-Flash
  • Captain Cold, Heatwave
  • Pied Piper
  • Peek-a-Boo
  • government x-project
  • Weather Wizard
  • Captain Cold, Heatwave, Golden Glider
  • Trickster
  • Bug Eyed Bandit
  • Reverse Flash
  • Gorilla Grodd
  • Reverse Flash


  • Megaton; male engineer and physicist with giant robo arm.
  • Grumpy Bob; male big clown with barbed wire sledgehammer. anti-hero
  • Snow Leopard; female anti hero, thief, suit with long tail for balance. maybe prehensile. former model
  • Socrates; immortal. Genius level intellect and the experience and perspective of thousands of years of life.

Phantom Squad

  • Wolf-man
  • Tough dude
  • Dark magic guy
  • Blind who can see - psychic?

Non heroics

  • Dr. David Darhk; discovered the Darhkworld. Possessed by demon.
  • Romulus Titan; CEO of Titan Tech.
  • Police Chief
  • Mayor
  • Newspaper Editor
  • Detective
  • Corrupt Vice detective
  • CEO of Tech lab


Villains guide

  • Each hero should have at least 3 villains, including an arch nemesis.
  • Arch Nemeses have PL 11-12
  • The Arch nemesis will have nearly (if not entirely) identical powers, but an opposite ideology. Usually the arch nemesis will share the hero's power origin.
  • The other villains will specifically be designed to counteract an aspect of the hero, so the hero must rely on their other aspects to defeat them. Is the hero strong? A villain that cannot be broken. Are they fast? a villain that counters their speed. etc.
  • Personal rogue's gallery villains are PL 6-10
  • The villains all use an opposite color of the hero in their costumes. A red costumed hero will have lots of green costumed villains.
  • Super villains meant to challenge the whole group are PL 14-15
  • World Shattering villains meant for multiple hero groups to team up in a crossover-style event are 19-20

Sidekicks and allies

  • Plant the seeds early for potential sidekicks for each hero.
  • Sidekicks will also have nearly (if not entirely) identical powers, but with a shared goal with the hero. However, the sidekick usually eventually comes to have differing ideas of how to meet that goal.
  • Sidekicks are PL 8
  • Each super also needs a Guy in the Chair.
  • Also have the opportunity to form a super-family as time goes on. Sidekick, gender-flipped, dark mirror (Azrael, Venom), half-powered version (Doc Samson), alt reality version (Miles Morales, Power-Girl), son/daughter (Spider-girl, Damian Wayne), copycat (batwoman), love interest
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