Cyberpunk Hacker

Chex aka H3xxx0r aka Tha Witch Docta

Chester Hampton

"The Docta is in the House"

"Check out my voodoo"

voodoo doll imagery. When he hacks a program he "puts a pin through it"

north america

Intellectual and detached

Urban Flash (Flashy, Technological, Streetwear)

value brotherhood

Every person is a valuable individual.

A brother or sister is most important

most valued possession is something irreplaceable, simple and personal.

Warren Rats
You grew up in one of the huge new megastructures that went up after the War. A
tiny conapt, kibble and scop for food, a mostly warm bed. Some better
educated adult warren dwellers or a local Corporation may have set up a school.

In a huge "megastructure" building
controlled by a Corp or the City.

Your family was exiled or otherwise driven from
their original home/nation/Corporation.

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