Church of the Redeemer
Church of the Redeemer
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"Truth and Forgiveness"
—Church dictum

The Church of the Redeemer is a major organized religion.

The Light and the Way

No god. The light has no will, but allows the answering of prayers.

The Redeemer ascended and will come back for the Final Redemption. When the Redeemer ascended, he was surrounded by a halo of light.

The Way is the proper way of behavior and belief. Stray too far and redemption is needed. "Walking the Way"

Truth and Forgiveness

The two most important tenants of faith.

The Actions of the Redeemer

Also called simple the Actions, the holy book of the church was not written by the redeemer himself, but by his followers.

The Seven Songs

The Seven Pleas

The Seven Laments






Cross of the Redeemer

The Eye of Truth

Fire of Redemption

The Redeemer said "The time for fire has passed, now is the time for light." before he ascended, therefore being the last person to be redeemed in his life.





Burial is preferred.

Sometimes rituals are used to bring back the individual as deathless.



Religious Orders

Paladins: Redeeming the World

  • Vengeance
  • Order of the Veil; inquisitors and anti-paladins, once a port of the church, now heretical.

Clerics: Redeeming the Soul

  • Life
  • Knowledge
  • Trickery

Monks: Redeeming the Self

  • Brothers of Embrace the world
  • Brothers of Reject the World


The Redeemer

Crusade of the Scrolls

13 scrolls

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