Book Ideas
  • greek myths set in modern times
  • what if the zodiac was real?
  • hen na monogatari
  • Distika
  • Man discovered his (ex?) girlfriend kidnaps and kills (eats?) infants. Lamia. Her name is Lily. She is into history. No actual confirmation that she is lamia, but the clues are there. Explore themes of fatehrhood. Dads and babies. He must defend his own child from her at the end. Modern day Perseus vs Medusa. Defeat her with a mirror. "Holy Infant"?
  • "Devil on My Shoulder"; A person has a literal devil on their shoulder whispering to do things in their ear. Surreal horror. alt title - "The Devil Made Me Do It". Maybe other people have one too. Maybe only each person can see their own, or maybe they can see eachothers. Maybe the protag is the only one that can see the others devils. Or maybe only the devils themselves can see each other.
  • Horror story about a man who unknowingly marries a kitsune. She turns deadly as he new tail begins to grow in.
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