Bloody Fists of Shaolin

Bloody Fists of Shaolin also known as White Tiger.



The Shaolin Brothers

Each of the brothers specializes in an obscure form of kung fu and also in an esoteric profession such as healer, magician and psychic.

  • Brother Black Tiger
  • Brother Leopard
  • Brother Liang Yi Quan - atemi striker and healer
  • Brother Iron Shirt
  • Brother


  • Feng Huang - The chosen girl
  • Master


  • The Demon Emperor
  • The Inn Bandits

Four Deadly Assassins


Five Brothers taught under a master of Shaolin have separated to wander the world. But each receives a dream of their old master telling them to stop the evil of the Demon Emperor who is conquering the world.

As they begin reuniting with each other in seemingly random circumstances, the meet Feng Huang, a young girl touched by the spiritual fires of the sacred phoenix and it is revealed that it is she, not they, who has been chosen to bring the emperor's downfall.

The Demon Emperor soon learns of the five wuxia heading his way and he released the Four Deadly Assassins, demons in the guises of men, to bring death to the warriors and the girl to the Emperor to be made as a sacrifice to the dark gods.

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