Archea is a land where the gods touched the world. The gods discovered the dwarves in the mountains, the elves in the forest, the gnomes in caves and halflings along the rivers. Humans came later, traveled across the sea in ships.


Humans built four cities using halfling slaves.

Primal Dragons were born out of the world once the Aberrations were imprisoned and the sun returned to the world. Player choices will decide on whether the next type of dragons are chromatic or metallic.

Culture wise, I want player choices to reflect on the races. Default culture will just be greek / babylonian


They forge superior iron weapons.




Other races

Naiad, vanara, astomoi, strix, deep one hybrid, vishkanya, samsaran


Hweatefeld Plain of Archea

Hweatefeld Plain

Huthor Hills

Hygard Mountains


The four rivers represent the four great virtues; Courage, Moderation, Morality and Wisdom.

From east to west, they are;

Cities and sites

There are four cities in Archea;

Hydenholt Forest

Archean Coast


It is the First Heroic Age. Before came the Three Ages of the Gods.


First Age of the Gods

Aberrations rule the world

Second Age of the Gods

Widuë, the primordial goddess, came on a white horse (Khenning) to find this sunless world and gave it light and life, banishing the slithering masses underground and put them to sleep.

Third Age of the Gods

First Heroic Age

100 -150 years of bronze age. At the end, there is a collapse and a migration to another region. Player decides which direction the culture migrates. North (temperate forest, slavic or celtic), south (warm desert, arabic or egyptian), east (warm forest, mayan or indian), or west (temperate plains and hills, turkish or chinese). Each new region will have a unifying theme that will determine its culture, creatures, gods and magic. Example theses are; dreams, psionic, occult, giant, savage, enlightened, dark/shadow, cursed, holy, islands/water, ice, fire, electric, acid/toxic, gothic, demonic. The theme of the Archean region is MYTHIC.

Second Heroic Age

About 200 years. Iron becomes widespread and riding horses are tamed and bred.

Age of Discord

500 - 600 years. The first major war between two great powers and its aftermath. The first non-mythical heroes. The first trans-regional empire is created. After this age, steel becomes widespread and the ages are named after the major political states that emerge. Nephilim appear.






First the world was untamed and home to the aberrations and Old Ones. Then Widuë, the primordial goddess, came on a white horse (Khenning) to find this sunless world and gave it light and life, banishing the slithering masses underground and put them to sleep. The primordial was female;

  • out from her womb came the modern deities (perhaps later to be called the Middle Gods
  • she died / fell asleep and out from her spine arose the modern deities.


This original pantheon of gods are all old wise men and have a shared theme of wisdom.

  • Aldwer; God of Storms
  • Degol; God of Magic and Knowledge
  • Hun'thorn; God of War, Hunting, and the Sea
  • Willan; God of Fertility, Wealth, and Creation

Godly realms

The deities live on the island of Glaed Tungol. Underneath the island is the cavernous prison Arlyeh, where most of the Old Ones are imprisoned. Only one remains outside the prison; Cthulhu.



Goat, Tiger, rhinoceros, lion, elephant, snow leopard, red panda, leopard, macaque, gaur, bear, deer, langur, chital, tahr, water buffalo, crocodile, dolphin, peafowl, wolf, donkey, viper, pangolin, cheetah, duck, gibbon, marten, antelope, fox, crane, quail

Hyenas in the mts


Lotus, rose, jasmine, orchid, cedar, mango, mangrove, poplar, pine, mulberry, karira, Vann, acacia, rosewood, Khejri tree (sacred tree), juniper, spruce, Old World sycamore (sacred tree), fig (sacred bodhi tree), lilac


The age begins with an act of utter depravity from one god onto another, forever changing the world. The middle gods are all male and therefore cannot create new gods. To bear children, they must take mortal women. A princess is born that is so beautiful, all the gods fall in love with her and want her for their own. Her name is Eternia and her father knows the gods are after her and will protect her. One god, in order to secure her for his own, captures and mutilates another god. This drives that god evil, who was once the most pure among them.

In the coming age, the gods will commit cruelties on each other and upon mortals. A god will begin a cult of fanatical worshipers that will sow strife and chaos through the land. The gods will stretch out their influence and birth new pantheons in foreign lands. A world shattering set of artifacts are discovered and must be protected from the wrong hands.

The first few games are done as one shots with single characters as each new character is the first of the standard classes. The first wizard, first paladin, etc. How the player plays their class will set how that class in perceived in the world and they become iconic mythical heroes in the history of the land. Later, several team up and deal with the world shattering artifacts and the changes they bring to the world. Mythic monsters are slain, wondrous locations are discovered or created and legendary artifacts are crafted.

The first batch of mythical heroes will be called the Stellarans, for they make up the constellations. Prior, there were no stars in the sky.

First Hero

Eternia is the daughter of King Clifthan of Ethyl Aerdaeg. She was so beautiful that every king wished to marry her. Clifthan arranged a tournament to find a suitor and four strangers entered the games. They went by the names Quick, Strong, Quiet and Graceful. They defeated all the kings and their warriors and soon only the four stood to contest each other. Graceful began defeating all the others with his cleverness, but the night before the final games, he disappeared and Quick was named the winner. Quick took Eternia away from the cities and she returned a year later, blind and holding a young child.

Eternia was soon captured by Cursia, Queen of Ethyl Regol, but Eternia's child was left, hidden from the Dark Queen. After the games, priests of Willian fairest of the gods could no longer speak with him or receive his blessings. Fifteen years pass…

The quest to free Eternia will feature

  • The transformed Queen Cursia
  • Aeledbeorh, the Cataclysmic. A magma dragon who needs a favor.
  • Slay the Tarrasque
  • Find the imprisoned Willan to find the truth and achieve an epic weapon with which to slay the monster

Other heroes

  • Cult of Cthulhu seeks to awaken the creature. The only thing that can put him back to sleep is one of Azothoth's Unseen Flutes. An instrument that spews deadly radiation and plays music that will make men go mad.
  • Emergence / creation / releasing of qlippoth
  • Slay the jabberwock
  • Conquer a region
  • Find and use the key to the Gates of Glaed Tungol
  • Defeat a behemoth that was sent to punish a city for its sin
  • Seek the Thriae for their prophecies

Heroic deeds

  • Perseus; slay monster, rescue princess, become king, free primordial, go on journey
  • Bellerophon
  • Heracles; slay monster, capture monster, perform impossible task, become god, win contest
  • Daedalus; create artifact, master skill
  • Theseus; slay monster, become king, go on journey
  • Castor and Pollux
  • Caeneus
  • Jason; slay monster, go on journey, win contest
  • Orpheus; perform impossible task, go on journey, master skill, win contest
  • Achilles; defeat mythic enemy, master skill
  • Odysseus; go on journey, slay monster, perform impossible task
  • Aeneas
  • Enoch
  • Abraham
  • Jacob
  • Moses
  • Joshua
  • Samson
  • Samuel
  • David
  • Solomon
  • Daniel
  • Jesus
  • Muhammad
  • Gautama Buddha
  • Avalokiteśvara
  • King Arthur
  • Cú Chulainn
  • Fionn mac Cumhaill
  • Gwydion
  • Laozi
  • Mazu
  • Monkey King
  • Beowulf
  • Väinämöinen
  • Hanuman
  • Krishna
  • Lakshmi
  • Rama
  • Urashima Tarō
  • Kintarō
  • Momotarō
  • Maya Hero Twins
  • Gilgamesh
  • Sigurd
  • Zoroaster
  • Māui
  • Romulus

Archaen heroes can "discover" new landmarks

How are the cities different, culture wise?

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