Arcanis Prime

Arcanis Prime is a massive city set next to the coast.

Magic everywhere

Food grown in feywild

dome covering the city

outside walls walk giant mechs - magically driven, defend against outside threats by drifting pilots

people believe no civilization outsie the walls

city has 13 disricts - each ruled over by a mayor (all but one are female) - hen rule over by empress

dead gods - in empress tower is kept essance
\rumor is divine casters can tel only thing left of the gods is thier essance. there is a finite amount.)

feywild- elven gods upon thier death, they created the feywild and place the fey there to save them from the apocalypse. Underdark, forest and the CIty of Tower, where the eladrin are. Elarin are viewed as the CHosen People. Drow and the elves are warriors. Protecting against monsters.

Drow are more savage - like pac islaners. Elves are roman, more lawful. Original elves were chaotic. over time they developed more lawful society because their lifestyles werent working an they were loosing the fight. eleadrin taught the elves how to be that way. Elarin are like Plato, Elves are like Aristotle.

Elarin hardly ever fight - free to sit in cities and philosophize.

eladrin get use to the tme in material realm. but when they first show - culture shock - not use to chaos.

"You can take a building and overflow it with Eladrin an none would bump into another"

big event - (rumor) the gods are truely dead and the essance is gone. as the essence is being used, people drawing from the god are finding a close proxy instead. Gos are coming extint faster an fater.

New to the scene is street drug - planescape.

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