Amiri kaZuberi
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Keshan
Age 25
Alias Chui'tu
Physical Description
Heritage Keshani
Gender Male
Skin Color Nubian
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Height 7'2"
Weight 225 lbs
Family Information
Family Members Zuberi (father)
Dhuriya (mother)
Surazuri (brother)
Loyalty Jamalima Tribe

Amiri (also know as Chui'tu; full traditional name of Amiri kaZuberi) is a dark skinned warrior from the southern jungles. He hails from the Jamalima Tribe of Keshan.


Early life

Both of Amiri's parents died after he reached manhood. Amiri idolized his mother but disliked his angry father. Amiri is one of the middle children in a large family of five children who respect and honor him.

After reaching manhood, Amiri was attacked by a leopard during a hunting trip and he managed to kill the cat with his bare hands. Afterwards, the people of his tribe considered him a beast in a man's shape and called him Chui'tu, the Leopard-man.

Moving to the North

Amiri's brother, Surazuri, killed their mother and went after their sister, but Amiri defeated him before she was hurt. However, due to tribal law, anyone who raises a hand to their own family must be banished for five years. Amiri, then left the tribe and traveled north awaiting the time when he must return and perhaps protect others from his evil brother.

Amiri has earned the hatred of an organization who hire assassins to kill him. Luckily, though, the character also has the love of the Jamalima people who watch over his friends and family for him.

4e Build

Level 1 male human monk

Initiative: +4
HP: 24; Bloodied: 12; HS: 8/day (6 hp)
AC: 20 Fortitude: 14 Reflex: 16 Will: 14

Str: 14 (+2) Dex: 18 (+4) Wis: 13 (+1)
Con: 12 (+1) Int: 11 (+0) Cha: 10 (+0)

Skills: Acrobatics +9, Athletics +7, Endurance +6, Perception +6, Stealth +9, Survival +6

Feats: Warrior of the Wild, Unarmored Agility

Languages: Aquilonian, Keshani

Equipment: Spear, short bow, robes

Hunter's Quarry: 1/encounter
Mental Bastion: +1 Will
Unarmed Combatant: +3 prof; 1d8 dam; off-hand
Unarmored Defense: +2 AC with cloth or no armor and no shield

Melee Basic (unarmed): +5; 1d8 + 2 damage
Melee Basic (spear): +4; 1d8 + 3 damage
Ranged Basic (short bow): +4; 1d8 + 4 damage

At-Will: Stone Fist Flurry of Blows
At-Will: Crane's Wings
At-Will: Dancing Cobra
At-Will: Dragon's Tail

Encounter: Open the Gate of Battle

Daily: Masterful Spiral

Keshan Laguage Primer

Aquilonian Word Keshan Word
Hello Hujambo
Goodbye Tutaonana
I do not understand Sifahamu
Help! Nipe msaada!
Thank you Asante
Yes Eeh
No Siyo
I am sorry Samahani
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