Akodo Hitomi 憧努瞳
Akodo Hitomi
Biographical Information
Born 1136
Home -
Titles -
Family Information
Parents Akodo Ginawa (father)
Siblings -
Extended Ikoma Kenji
(grandfather - Ikoma Lion's Shadow)
Shosuro Tomoyo (step-cousin)
Betrothed Doji Nagori
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height -
Weight -
Hair Color Blonde (dyed)
Eye Color -
Clan Lion
School Kakita Bushi

Akodo Hitomi is the daughter of Akodo Ginawa and an emerald magistrate. She is skilled in bugei skills and iaijutsu. She wields a mysterious drab sword she received from her father along with dire instructions.



Direct ancestor to Matsu Hitomi.

Crane ancestor found answer to battle in painting.

Grandfather was Ikoma Shadow

Father in Akodo Ginawa.

Akodo War College

Kakita Dueling Academy

Emerald Magistrate

Assignment to Ryoko Owari

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