May Good Games Rise Again

"Don't you realize I'm doing this all for you? The hours designing my game world! 160 pounds of gear! All to get you to use your stupid imagination! I just want to make up something that you'll care about!"

Settings and Campaigns



Dungeons and Dragons

d20 Modern

Legend of the Five Rings

Mutants and Masterminds



Star Wars

World of Darkness



Hiroyuki (Zoot-Suit Yo-yo Fighter)

Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition / Pathfinder

nemo Starfinder
Volos Baba (Reign of Winter; winter witch)
Sebastian Brant (Wandering Activist)
Sexton Davis (Gentleman Paladin)
Kjerksvardrgaard (Northman Priest-warrior)
Mary Malkontent (Scholarly Death-Priest)
Menkhep-Heb Golarion (Osirion Chosen of the Dead)
Anne Sweet (Swashbuckling spellslinger)
Natalie Torchbearer (Immoral drug dealer)
Sir Simon Milligan (Cowardly Wizard)
Wur (Lizardfolk Cleric of Dagon)

Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition

Princess Agitha (Half-Elf Ranger)
Amiri Conan (Keshan Pugilist)
Athiya (Efreeti Princess)
Kullen Blackbane (Half-Orc Barbarian)
Garret Van Cleef Warcraft (Human Rogue)
Kalamar Dhuurniv (Drow Rogue)
Gwenlyn d'Lyrandar Eberron (Half-Elf Wizard)
Qie Lan (Human Monk/Barbarian)
Silhouette (Rogue Guild leader)
Toox (Changeling Rogue)
Duncan Williams (Human Warlord)

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition

Rebekka Adler (Divine healer)
Ghyr Arcanis Prime (Gnoll Rogue)
Oya-Iyansan Ravnica (Izzet League Sorcerer)
Youri Alekhov Ravenloft (Cursed Hexblade)

d20 Modern and Past

Nathan Crow (Warrior / Mage)
Lazerus Cutter StarCraft (Battle Mind)
Reverand James (Occultist)
Fire That Walks Like a Man (Apache Warrior)

Fate Core

Ren Feng-Zhai Jadepunk


Red Legs J (Little Boy Pirate)

Legend of the Five Rings

Insen (Noble bloodspeaker)
Isawa Masumi (Insane Fire Tensai)
Kitsune Koi (Kitune possessed shugenja)
Mirumoto Mako (Dragon Clan Hero)
Mirumoto Satsu (Dragon Clan Ninja)
Wenhua (Air Monk)

Mutants and Masterminds

Hydra (Powerhouse)
Jean Guy Bordeaux (Soldier)


Iggy (Rock Monster)


Jack Slate (Gunslinger)
Lily Walton (Techno-Wizard)

Savage lands

Sir Henry Morgan Winchester (Great White Hunter)


Jacob "Whispering Moon" Fransisco (Racoon Street Shaman)
Charlie Knight (Corporate Thief)
Zachary "Zatch" O'Brian (Elven Decker)

Star Wars

Ara Ein (Twi'lek Jedi Guardian)
Scian Ein (Twi'lek Jedi Sentinal)
Gamm Gry (Gungan Gunslinger)
Keshan (Trianii Rifleman)
Lok Lana (Nautolan Senator-turned-gambler)
MX-116 (Droid wasteland wanderer)
Thi-Sen (Talz Spear Fighter)
Uegui (Mon cal jedi ninja)

Wheel of Time

Evident Scandal (child thief)

White Wolf

Emmett Beauregard (New Orleans by Night)
Jiro (Toreador Rock Star)
Jake Stands-Alone (Ronin Ahroun)


Cyberpunk hacker Cyberpunk
Grinanagynnsyn (sea wolf)
Akihito Seki (Empress of Japan / Mech Pilot)
Vulturus Gaunt Harry Potter


Bloody Fists of Shaolin
4e Races in Pathfinder
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